The Training of My Dad is Almost Complete

I smell BEEF!

When my dad got home today the second time. Ok, let me start over….I am a spoiled dog. My dad came home for lunch to walk me. I was acting bratty and didn’t want to walk anywhere except to the car. So he took me to the park and we ran around a bit and I peed.

Then when he came home later we went to the park again, this time with my mommy also. We ran all over and met a few nice people and had fun. Then we came home and he played with me more, even though he wanted to do other things. Then he made me more Roast Beef to add to my  Orijen dog food. It is actually good dog food but as a matter of principal I only prefer to eat what my humans are willing to consume also. He also added some grated parmesean cheese so it would smell better. I was hungry but held out and ate it when he wasn’t looking. He thinks I am spoiled,     and I am! But I also have him jumping through hoops for me….and although he blusters and rants on and on, he still loves me.

Life Lesson: Using your charms will get you everywhere.

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