Hungry Games

Sometimes even if we are on the same team, with the same goals, we still end up pushing against each other, not going anywhere.

I did not eat dinner last night. I did not eat breakfast this morning either. My dad wants me to eat. I certainly want to eat too.

He made me a chicken almost a week ago. (Same time he cooked my roast beef.) For dinner last night he added this microwaved-with-water-old-baked-chicken to my dog food. I really, really wanted to eat it – 1) because I was hungry, and 2) because I knew it would make him happy.

I went to the dog dish and smelled it. It didn’t smell right. Old Man Disney says “Follow your heart” (or your nose, almost the same thing). So I did not eat it. It was the principle of the thing.

My dad, on the other hand, will not give me anything else. He thinks I am getting too spoiled and that I should learn to eat whatever is available. It became a battle of wills. And my mom was trapped in the middle.

They tried to tire me out by taking me places and making me run, We went hiking. We met other dogs so I can play fight. Just to get me so hungry that I would eat.

It was already past lunch when we returned. I still went to the dog dish, smelled the food, and walked away from it. My mom couldn’t take having a hungry baby anymore. She took the food dish outside to hopefully get rid of whatever smell I did not like. She ran around with me to tire me out some more. Finally she went to the dish and hand-fed me. I ate more than half of the stuff in the dish. And so my dad is happy too.

WE had barbequed pork liempo (belly) for dinner.

Life Lesson: Learn when to Compromise. It might not be exactly what you want, but it might be the best that you can get.

3 thoughts on “Hungry Games

  1. ya ur right..but samtyms God put u in a test so that u will trust only in Him..all of us hav our own (diff) we handle situation..remember d word P.u.s.h. Have a nice day insan

    • hi kuya!
      musta na kayo? thanks for reading and commenting:-) paano mo nalaman tungkol sa blog ko? salamat sa pagtangkilik:) sana magkita tayo ulit. i tried to send an email to your email address pero bumalik ulit sakin.

  2. I think he just liked the roast beef better and was holding out for beef over chicken!…… me it smells like a spoiled doggy.

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