OH MY! What Big teeth You Have!

Oh MY What big teeth you have! …”The better to eat with my dear”.

 Oh My, what a big nose you have!….”The better to smell with my dear”.

 OH MY what big ears you have! ….”The better to hear with my dear”.

 Oh My What a big tounge you have! …” The better to taste with my dear!”.

 Oh MY what big paws you have…..”The better to …um, walk with me dear.”

 Oh My what a big head you have!….”the better to ,…..uh, think with my dear”.

 So what do you think about? ……”Eating, Sleeping, Playing, Peeing, and Pooping…my dear!”

Life Lesson: Enjoy the little things in life. Find happiness in all the millions of small things and the big things will fall into place.

(ps. the big things are really smaller than the small things)

I am Now a Documented Worker

Like some second rate dog I used to have to sneak around without being noticed. I was always worried that the truth would come out. That I would not be able to substatiate the claims that I was an English Mastiff. That I was not really a big dog. That I really did come from a good family and my daddy wasn’t just some “bootlegger” or something and my mommy wasn’t just another bitch.

But do you see the above paper? THAT my friends shows my provenance, my breeding, my family background and tree! That is AKC papers! That is what gives me the right to act like some diva, nobility, lazy, do what I want dog! It says that My name is Madigan The Great Barrington! It says that my mom is Madigan’s Annie Oakly! It says that my dad is Manseutus Madigan of Oz!

I am a great and noble breed from a great family and from great Breeders – Madigans Mastiffs! I am someone! AND I intend to be the spoiled noble dog that I am!……(or as much as I can get away with, with my easy, sweet, loveable/scamable people mom and dad).

And Oh By The Way..I also have this!>>>

Thats right a DIPLOMA!

and after all of this bluster, I’m not going to do any work, Whadda” you kiddin’ me?

Life Lesson: Diplomas, papers, breeding are one thing, but who you are as a dog is what is really important!

Best Birthday Ever! (Also My Only One)

I am one year old today. I do not really feel any different from yesterday, but my humans are celebrating, so who am I to say no? I think we are supposed to be happy because I have managed to stay alive for this long. And because my mommy has not eaten me yet.

When my mom and dad came home, they had me wear a stupid hat whose strings are not even long enough to go around my neck. It was annoying but I got to eat the hat so I guess it was not too bad.

Then came the cake. My dad got it from the Beacon Barkery. They have THE BEST stuff ever! YUMMMMM!

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Then the 20 piece chicken nuggets.

Then I got to eat half my mom’s steak with mushroom sauce. And a lot of my dad’s french fries.  And I get to have a birthday pie for dessert!

I may not get why humans do birthdays, but I have decided That I Like It!

Life Lesson: Birthdays are when people who love you spoil you (more than usual). Take advantage. It only happens once a year.

Ear Infection

I went to the vet today for my heartworm medicine and my flea and tick medicine. My dad ended up spending our food allowance for the whole of next month, because I have an ear infection. My dad had to pay for my above meds, my new ear infection meds, $27 for cytology (the vet swabs my ear and looks at it from a microscope, 2 7 D O L L A R S!) and then the vet visit.

My dad thinks we have to starve for a whole month just because I had a bath. My mom thinks that she never had an ear infection in her life because she never goes to the doctor.

His solution: No More Baths!

Her solution: No More Vet Visits!

Life Lesson: Our prejudices color our problems and our solutions. Be aware.



Daddys Home….and I am not letting go of him!

 My dad and mom decided to go out and have Vietnamese food without me! 1st off I don’t like to be left alone. 2nd I don’t know why I can’t go out for dinner with them once in awhile. 3rd, night time with them is MY time with them …not someone elses. Their job at night is to feed me, play with me, and just hang out with me. I didn’t ask to live here with them! I have needs too ya’know!

Animal Rights! …Doggy Rights!

So anyway when they got home I made it abundantly clear that My dad needs to sit and lie down and stay here! …also I love knocking him down and sitting on him. He is a good sport and plays with me while I have him pinned. Maybe someday I can join one of those WrestleMania shows and make it big? What are they? WWE?, WWF?, WABC?, WBA?  something like that. What would be my wrestler stage name?    Any suggestions? Hmmmmmmm….?

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Eye to Eye

Is it just me or is my dad’s head really shrinking?

I feel that it was just yesterday when I could fit in my daddy’s neck. I had  been afraid of everything then and I couldn’t stand going anywhere without him.

I am Braver now. Before, when we went out, I had to come in whenever he wants to come in. I had no choice. I didn’t want to be left alone outside. Now I am comfortable being by myself out in the lawn. When he threatens to leave me, I simply ignore him.

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Life Lesson: Do not let your head get so big that you forget how much wiser daddies are, and will always be.

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Meet My Little Friend

Hi, Sometimes you have to look far and wide for friends. Not just any friends but Good Friends. Some friends will be with you just when things are going well and everything is fun. But real friends will stick with you through thick and thin. they will support you and stay your friend when things are going bad for you, because they know that when things go bad for them that you will be there,  (or were there already), for them. There are some “fair weather” friends but the best are “rainy day” friends.

I look and I try to meet others, but some get pulled away, sometimes I get snarls, and some just run away. Sigh. “Is it Me?” “Is there something wrong with me?” Sometimes I feel like Ginormica from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens.

I have made some very good friends and hopefully when the Beacon Dog Park opens I will be able to make more. I want friends to play with.

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Life Lesson: It is not the qauntity of friend, It is the QUALITY of friends that counts.


I almost got in trouble the other day because I killed one of my dad’s pillows. Almost, because I only got yelled at. Almost, because it could have been worse. I could have killed one of my mom’s pillows.

My mom is very particular about her pillows. She has to have at least three. They should be the right thickness. length, and fluffiness. She couldn’t sleep without them, hence she would not be able to function the next day without them. If I killed her any of her pillows, she might go into a pillow rage and make me into a pillow.

In a way, I understand. I like my pillows myself.

Life Lesson: Respect other people’s property.

Let us Paws to Give Thanks

 There are times that we should all paws to give thanks. There is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful I have a good mommy and daddy. I am thankful they feed me, walk, me, play with me, and take good care of me. I am actually thankful of SO much more but I can’t write it all down. Sometimes, (most of the time) the simple things are the best, things like getting your belly rubbed or just lying on the lawn with my family and smelling the fresh air, or for not being down in Columbia with the secret service team and getting in trouble for being cheap! (Ok, gratuitous news worthy remark to try and get google hits on my blog).

So what are you thankful for?

Life Lesson: Keep your paws planted on the ground but your gaze up at the Heavens and be thankful.



My Mommy’s Footstool

A setback can always be turned into an advantage.

When I lie on a bed, I usually take up more than half of it. When my daddy is on the bed with me, he would let me have the space that I want, let me be comfortable, and he would settle for the rest. When I do it with my mom, she just lies over me. This is how she discovered that I make an excellent footstool.

Life Lesson: Today Footstool, tomorrow He-Dog, Master of the Universe.