Am I Still CUTE?

That was me a LONG time ago when I was young,…Maybe 8 whole months ago. Everyone said I was “cute”.

 Back then everyone said that, “I was a big puppy”. I didn’t feel so big,……I still don’t.

 I think I was tiny. I couldn’t reach the table or the counter top, nuthin’.

 Now I can reach! I can reach the counter top.

 I can reach the table top.  I guess I am a little bit bigger than I used to be. ……….But am I still “cute”?

 I have lion friends that are soft and cuddly.

 I am still a little puppy,,,just not as little as some other of my little friends.

 SO? Am I still “cute”?

Life Lesson: When you get bigger you are not as little as before. BUT, you still can be “cute”.


Chicken Skin-And-Bones Soup

My daddy thinks that I have gone beyond just “spoiled”.

I got sick too. I started throwing up creamy yellow stuff yesterday. I had a fever and I couldn’t stop panting. My belly made a lot of previously-not-heard-of sounds.

This morning even after breakfast I still was not feeling right. I tried to tell my mommy. Because it had been so early in the morning (9:30 am), doing my best in-so-much-pain cry, she still ignored me. I got on the bed with her to make myself clearer. She just rubbed my ears and still didn’t get up. Then it happened. I threw up on the bed.

She didn’t get mad. She probably thought it was her fault anyway, for not listening. To make up for it she made chicken and rice for me. She got a whole chicken from the store and just boiled it. She then took all the meat out – that’s for me. My daddy also said that I should not get the skin, the fat might get me sick also.

My mom took the leftover bone, the chicken skin, and put it back in the pot. She added veges and potatoes. She put sinigang flavoring. And that’s what my dad had for dinner.

Life Lesson: With a little ingenuity, you might probably, maybe, pull off making something out of nothing.

Big Foot Sighting!

I have heard of this mythical beast known as “Big Foot” or “Sasquatch” or even his Asian cousin “Yeti” aka the “Abominable Snowman”. Do they exist? I don’t know. How could I ? I mean really, “Is it plausible that any creature could have that big a foot, (feet)? Could God or nature create something that the rest of us don’t see everyday and live on the same planet without us really knowing it?

Who would’ve thought that my dad’s hand could be about the same size as mine? Really! Who would have thought that possible?………..seriously?      Actually if you put my “thumb” even with my dad’s in that photo I think my paw is bigger than his hand!….but don’t tell him, he can get kinda’ sensitive about whose is bigger.

So whether you want to believe it or not there are some really big feet out there.

Life Lesson: Big feet also mean there are big shoes to fill………..but since I have paws I can get out on a technicality


This video doesn’t exist


Life Lesson: Always be in the lookout for, and appreciate, other people’s talents.

Fart Bomb!

This is me trying to look dismayed when really I am all giggly inside.

We had a rough night. My dad had high fevers and still felt cold even with a ton of blankets.  He slept sandwiched between my mommy and me. There was barely enough room to breathe. Definitely none for moving. My mom, who likes to do her exercise and her sleep at the same time, did not get a lot of either done last night.

So after feeding me breakfast and walking me, my mom gave herself a well-deserved, relaxing bath. With Lavender Vanilla Salts. I slept at the foot of the bathtub to keep her company. Until somebody farted. It smelled so bad I had to leave the bathroom and seek sanctuary beside my unshowered, untoothbrushed daddy.

I was already at the door when the smell hit my mommy. She was so mad she threw her clothes at me. I escaped unscathed, pretending to be sorry.

Life Lesson: Farts are always funny – even if you try to pretend it is not. The smellier, the funnier.

Down With Puppy Baths!

It is hard not to be superstitious when the cause-and-effect timeline is so clear.

My mom has been nagging my dad to give me a bath for the past two weeks. My dad used to tell her that baths are bad for my skin, and that I do not really need a bath because I’m a boy. It worked until my mom found out from a co-worker that her dogs get baths at least once a month, six weeks maximum interval in-between baths. And so it had been a constant “He smells, he needs a bath!”

Today my dad finally gave in and took me to the groomers. I got an extra conditioning treatment and a bandanna because my dad tried to help them fix one of their machines. I hated it! I cried so hard my cries were heard a block away. I almost knocked my groomer over.

But that’s not the worst of it. When we got home, my dad got sick. He felt tired and cold. He had the fireplace going in the middle of the day. He took a four hour nap with my mom, woke up to pet me a little and ask for water, then he went back to sleep. He barely played with me the whole day.

So now I am stuck with my mom. She does not even know how to hold a bone right. We tried – but her bone-holding mechanics is off. She doesn’t play with me. She doesn’t let me hang out in the lawn after walking me. I want my Daddy back!

Life Lesson: Seeing something crystal clear does not mean that what you see is the whole truth. Moving around and trying to get a different perspective is more labor intensive, but also more satisfying.

Solar Flares?

Sloar flares? Where? I don’t see no solar flares. Again another natural phenomenom that just doesn’t happen as advertised. I was waiting for something like a  Y2K moment….remember Y2K?.  Or the meteor showers that are always supposed to happen and I never see a “shower”. Or when a cool piece of space junk made by the commies is supposed to fall to Earth and never lands in my back yard.

Are the Mayans going to be right with their calender? Doubt it. My dads nephew , (Hi Donnie that is a plug for you),says that the Mayans didn’t account for leap year so the end of the world should have happened 7 months ago. Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t, but its like that tree that fell in the forest, if we didn’t pay attention to the end of the world did it really happen? Maybe they are off, maybe they had a time out or maybe it got lost in translation, maybe it will still end? I am sure for some people and dogs it was “the end of the world”. Maybe the Mayans were kinda’ melodramatic? Maybe they ran out of paper? Maybe we just haven’t found the newest “Ms. Mayan 2013” calander?

Am I supposed to be acting funny because of the solar flares? I know it was a full moon and I got big teeth and all hairy…but then again I am like that all the time. My dad doesn’t look any more tan or anything. He isn’t acting stranger….than usual.

Life Lesson: When facing solar flares, the end of the world, natural or man made destruction just remeber 2 things.

A). Get snacks.

B). It is NOT the dogs fault!

It Has Been A Hard Days Night

Ok It may have actuall been just a hard day. First I hear that Peyton Manning gets let go by the Indianapolis Colts! WHAT! With out him what are they? First the coach, Jim Caldwell, like it was his fault they are nothing without Peyton. AND he is the SMART Maning! I guess just not the lucky one, (Eli Manning). Then Peyton. If they can let him go what’s next? Kentucky Fried Chicken , (KFC to the new folks) without Colonel Sanders?

Mc Donalds without the scary clown Ronald McDonald? Wendy’s w/o Wendy?…..Hmmmm, all food references. I wonder why?

Then my dad decided to spend a lot of time with me today again. We walked through the park. then we went back later and walked through again, and ran in the field. He keeps throwing my ball away and I have to go get it for him, then he throws my ball away again! Whats with that?

Then we went into town twice, he kept muttering he forgot something, (senile old fool!).

Then we played outside the house. then we played inside the house!
I am pooped, tired, shot, kaput, sleepy, dog tired….you get the idea…..”sleeping like a dog”….(gratuitous Beatles reference to go with the title).

So, where am I going with this? I don’t know. All I know is first I get bad news, then I get run all over the place. …..Maybe that is all good in the end?

’cause we played and my dad was, (is) goofy.

Life Lesson: If you get dpressing news it is good to have someone goofy and fun to make you get some fresh air, do things, and spend time with you.

My First Swim, (sort of)

 Ok I really didn’t swim. I didn’t even mean to go into the water. My daddy and me did a lot of walking today, a lot.

First, in the morning we walked at least two laps around memorial park. My dad either wanted to spend a lot of quality time with me or was tired of me nagging him and being SOOO clingy. He walked me all over and then over again. We also ran in the ball field and I chased the ball. All very tiring but fun.  When we got home I was so tired all I wanted to do was nap. Oh, and eat ofcourse. Actually it was eat first then nap like a pro.

Later my dad said, “lets go to the park”, “to the other park”. So he tookme to Long Dock Park, (he says the name sounds like a Korean porn star name)…I digress. I like that park because there are a lot of other dogs that go there, lots of places to walk, the river, and a lot of smells. We walked all over that park too, man he keeps walking me a lot lately.

I met a tiny puppy only 8 weeks old, (sorry no picture. My mom wasn’t there, she’s the photographer). We also met several other dogs and saw some others that wanted nothing to do with me. We walked the dock twice, around the kyack lockers and a lot of the trails.

We also were walking along the beach for a bit. I was trying to drink the Hudson River in between the waves rolling in and I got my feet wet a little. THEN as I was walking under some low branches right along the beach one of them rubbed my back. I guess no big deal, but at the time it startled me. So I jumped and ran and found myself running into the Hudson River. I guess I wen in about belly high. It was cold but not so bad. maybe when the weather gets a little warmer I will really go swiming….or at least wading in the river.

Life Lesson: Sometime accidents or adventures or who knows what can bring you new experiences that broaden your horizons, teach you new things and “hey they aren’t so bad afterall”!

4 Collars

 The red one on the left is my new one it fits just right and it has some room to grow. I believe it opens up to 28 inches.  the next one was just replaced. It was the one I was using but my dad had to put an extra hole in it so it wouldn’t choke me. It went up to 2 inches. The one before that only lasted a few weeks and I outgrew it. It looks almost as big as the one after it, but it really isn’t.

And the little collar on the right was my first collar. I got it when they took me home when I was 8 weeks old. I am not sure how big in diameter it is. I started wearing it as it is shown now, but my dad had to keep expanding it every few weeks so it would fit.,

So from 8 weeks, (lets say 2 months), untill 10 months….I’m not good at math but I’ll guess that is about 8 months my neck went from the little one to the big red one at about 25 inches around. I wonder how long it will be untill I outgrow this one?

Oh, by the way I got a new friend. My mom bougth me a lion! She is the sweetest!

Life Lesson: A collar is a retraint, but some restraints are needed, … long as they are not too tight.