Breathing Cheeseburgers

 AH, Fresh air! I was cooped up most of today and I tell you it gets quite stifling sometimes. Fresh air is important. That is why they have “the Fresh Air Fund”, that is why they want people to get out and enjoy nature more. …I wonder who “they” are…but “they” are smart, fresh air is good. Now if I could get my hads on some of those “funds”.

As I was saying fresh air is important. It is good to smell all of the scents that are out there. I love to have my head out the window when my dad takes me for a drive. It is like a movie by smell. All of the scents just roll past in one even story. I know where we are, where we are going, where we have been, who was there, what they were doing, what they ate, past present and even maybe the possible futures. It is like reading history and the news at the same time.

BUT, it is not just fresh air that is important there are many other things that are important to breathe in. Things such as pizza from Pizza and Stuff or cheese burgers from Ron’s! Yes, air is good but cheese burgers taste better! Luckily my dad doesn’t mind sharing.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Stop and smell the roses and the cheese burgers.

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