People think that just because you cannot tell time, you do not know that they are late.

I do not know what my parents are doing lately, but they have been coming late. They think that I do not know because I just stay in the bed and wait for them to come home. In the beginning they always come right at the time when I am hungry and I need to go out. They probably think that I could hold my pee longer so they keep going home later and later. I finally let them know that I know. For the last few days I have been going downstairs and waiting for them by the door. So today my dad actually came home earlier that usual!

Yesterday my mom came home really late. But I don’t mind. She had banana-q, chicharon bulaklak,lechon  kawali, and pansit. She shares, so she can stay out as late as she wants.

Life Lesson: Do not take things, people, and especially 11 month old puppies for granted.

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