The Dog In The Door

Sometimes you get mad and insecure when you find out that you are not the only one.

As I am getting bigger and more confident, my dad and my mom are both letting me roam around our backyard without a leash. This morning I got so excited about being free that I ran around like a crazy puppy. I scared the deer who usually sleep just a little beyond our backyard into going deeper into the woods. I got so tired and happy, I ate all my breakfast.

My mom took me out again after lunch. We had fun running – my mom would fake run in one direction, i would pass her, then she would run the other direction and call me to her. When we were about to go back to the house, I was surprised to see a big dog in the house! I started barking and growling at him but he was barked and growled right back. He was BIGGER than me so I was a little scared, but my mommy was behind me so I stayed to protect her. Mommy kept touching the doggy and saying “Meatball”. I got confused. Why would she call the dog “Meatball” too?

Whatever. I bet that doggy does not get to eat vanilla yogurt ice cream.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: We are the source of our own insecurities.

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