Hang Ups

There are all sorts of different types of “Hang Ups”. People have “hang ups” people on the phone get hang ups, especially telemarketers.

Dogs, hmmmmm, I don’t think we get or ave hang ups. we just “do”. we “do” what we please. We don’t worry about it. We don’t plan it. We don’t debate it. We “just Do It”. Some say we are pre programed by instinct. Some say that we do plan, um, they are wrong unless you call spontaneous instant decision making “planning” My dad just calls that “Filipino”. Some say we do worry about it. But we only really worry about the reprecusions after “doing it”.

Ah, the infamous “it”. I guess “it” is whatever “it” may be. It is kinda’ like Bill Clinton, (should I still call him President Clinton?) trying to ponder the meaning of “is” and asking what the definition of “is” , “is”. …”phew I am tired now. Why? _ Because. Why because? just because because.

Anyway, We dogs don’t get or have hang ups and if we do we chew them up!>>> see below.

….and yes, it was tasty.

Life Lesson: Don’t get hung up over things, bite them, chew them, and spit them out!

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