The Rather Untimely demise of My Friend the Lion…….ooops.

This was in happier days. Me playing with my Lion friend. He was soft and squeaky. I loved him, but you know after awhile that squeaking kind of gets on your nerves.

So one Happy day we played and played. I asked him why he squeaked so much, but he just squeaked in return.  So……………I ripped the stuffing out of him.

 He didn’t take it so well. In fact he looked rather badly after that. ……………I had fun.  Is being a stuffed animal serial killer a bad thing?n I still count him as one of my closest friends….and his paws still squeak, ( but I’ll get them!)

This is a little peek of me and Lion having a little fun. It is kind of like “Call of the Wild” or “Lion King”.

Life Lesson:  Don’t grow up to be a stuffed animal.

This video doesn’t exist

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