Am I Still CUTE?

That was me a LONG time ago when I was young,…Maybe 8 whole months ago. Everyone said I was “cute”.

 Back then everyone said that, “I was a big puppy”. I didn’t feel so big,……I still don’t.

 I think I was tiny. I couldn’t reach the table or the counter top, nuthin’.

 Now I can reach! I can reach the counter top.

 I can reach the table top.  I guess I am a little bit bigger than I used to be. ……….But am I still “cute”?

 I have lion friends that are soft and cuddly.

 I am still a little puppy,,,just not as little as some other of my little friends.

 SO? Am I still “cute”?

Life Lesson: When you get bigger you are not as little as before. BUT, you still can be “cute”.


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