Big Foot Sighting!

I have heard of this mythical beast known as “Big Foot” or “Sasquatch” or even his Asian cousin “Yeti” aka the “Abominable Snowman”. Do they exist? I don’t know. How could I ? I mean really, “Is it plausible that any creature could have that big a foot, (feet)? Could God or nature create something that the rest of us don’t see everyday and live on the same planet without us really knowing it?

Who would’ve thought that my dad’s hand could be about the same size as mine? Really! Who would have thought that possible?………..seriously?      Actually if you put my “thumb” even with my dad’s in that photo I think my paw is bigger than his hand!….but don’t tell him, he can get kinda’ sensitive about whose is bigger.

So whether you want to believe it or not there are some really big feet out there.

Life Lesson: Big feet also mean there are big shoes to fill………..but since I have paws I can get out on a technicality

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