Fart Bomb!

This is me trying to look dismayed when really I am all giggly inside.

We had a rough night. My dad had high fevers and still felt cold even with a ton of blankets.  He slept sandwiched between my mommy and me. There was barely enough room to breathe. Definitely none for moving. My mom, who likes to do her exercise and her sleep at the same time, did not get a lot of either done last night.

So after feeding me breakfast and walking me, my mom gave herself a well-deserved, relaxing bath. With Lavender Vanilla Salts. I slept at the foot of the bathtub to keep her company. Until somebody farted. It smelled so bad I had to leave the bathroom and seek sanctuary beside my unshowered, untoothbrushed daddy.

I was already at the door when the smell hit my mommy. She was so mad she threw her clothes at me. I escaped unscathed, pretending to be sorry.

Life Lesson: Farts are always funny – even if you try to pretend it is not. The smellier, the funnier.

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