Down With Puppy Baths!

It is hard not to be superstitious when the cause-and-effect timeline is so clear.

My mom has been nagging my dad to give me a bath for the past two weeks. My dad used to tell her that baths are bad for my skin, and that I do not really need a bath because I’m a boy. It worked until my mom found out from a co-worker that her dogs get baths at least once a month, six weeks maximum interval in-between baths. And so it had been a constant “He smells, he needs a bath!”

Today my dad finally gave in and took me to the groomers. I got an extra conditioning treatment and a bandanna because my dad tried to help them fix one of their machines. I hated it! I cried so hard my cries were heard a block away. I almost knocked my groomer over.

But that’s not the worst of it. When we got home, my dad got sick. He felt tired and cold. He had the fireplace going in the middle of the day. He took a four hour nap with my mom, woke up to pet me a little and ask for water, then he went back to sleep. He barely played with me the whole day.

So now I am stuck with my mom. She does not even know how to hold a bone right. We tried – but her bone-holding mechanics is off. She doesn’t play with me. She doesn’t let me hang out in the lawn after walking me. I want my Daddy back!

Life Lesson: Seeing something crystal clear does not mean that what you see is the whole truth. Moving around and trying to get a different perspective is more labor intensive, but also more satisfying.

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