It Has Been A Hard Days Night

Ok It may have actuall been just a hard day. First I hear that Peyton Manning gets let go by the Indianapolis Colts! WHAT! With out him what are they? First the coach, Jim Caldwell, like it was his fault they are nothing without Peyton. AND he is the SMART Maning! I guess just not the lucky one, (Eli Manning). Then Peyton. If they can let him go what’s next? Kentucky Fried Chicken , (KFC to the new folks) without Colonel Sanders?

Mc Donalds without the scary clown Ronald McDonald? Wendy’s w/o Wendy?…..Hmmmm, all food references. I wonder why?

Then my dad decided to spend a lot of time with me today again. We walked through the park. then we went back later and walked through again, and ran in the field. He keeps throwing my ball away and I have to go get it for him, then he throws my ball away again! Whats with that?

Then we went into town twice, he kept muttering he forgot something, (senile old fool!).

Then we played outside the house. then we played inside the house!
I am pooped, tired, shot, kaput, sleepy, dog tired….you get the idea…..”sleeping like a dog”….(gratuitous Beatles reference to go with the title).

So, where am I going with this? I don’t know. All I know is first I get bad news, then I get run all over the place. …..Maybe that is all good in the end?

’cause we played and my dad was, (is) goofy.

Life Lesson: If you get dpressing news it is good to have someone goofy and fun to make you get some fresh air, do things, and spend time with you.

1 thought on “It Has Been A Hard Days Night

  1. Is that all you do, run around and play? And then go to sleep?
    Don’t you do any work, like helping your dad make furniture?
    C’mon get with the program.

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