Actually I do not scream. But I do beg very, very aggressively.

If there is anything that is worth getting yelled at for in-your-face begging, it is Ice Cream. I am lucky because my mom and dad do not even like the same flavors, so they usually get two kinds. They used to eat their own ice cream at the dinner table. My dad thinks ice cream is bad for me so my mom is not allowed to give me ice cream outright. My dad however allows her to let me lick her plate. And the little I get is enough to get me addicted.

My dad usually yells at me if I beg. If it’s just regular food, I usually don’t. But Ice Cream is different. I can smell it from another floor! When he is eating it at the dinner table, I would sit very, very close to him, look at him with my big, beautiful, I-am-so-ice-cream-deprived brown eyes, that even he could not resist.

So now both my mom and my dad do not eat Ice Cream at the table. My mom would sit on the couch and face the wall. My dad would stand at a corner and also face the wall. So they would not see my face. So they do not have to share their Ice Cream.

Woe Is Me!

Life Lesson: Plan A will not work forever. Have a Plan B.

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