3 Bone Day!

My dad must really love me. Even though he said I must belong to PITA, (thats “pain in the ***), …not Peta, (“People for the Ethical Treatment on Animals”). He likes to get a lot of things done when he is home on the weekend. today he wanted to work on the cabinets he is building for the new Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. office, and he wanted to work on the car, and he wanted to go out and get some wood at Home Depot, and he wanted to go to Michaels for some art supplies, and he wantd to go to Harbor Freight Tools because they are having a sale, and he wanted to go to Barnes & Nobles to see if they have any interesting new car magazines, and he wanted to go to “the Peoples Bicycle for a cable, oh, and he wanted to spend some time with my mom and also me. See what I mean…he likes to get things done.

So he thinks I am a P-I-T-A because while he is doing other stuff I keep bothering him to play with me.  So he decided early on today that he would try to deflect me and keep me busy with toys. As usual he went to the “Beacon Barkery” my favorite dog toy and food store and bought me not one, not two, but three bones to chew on for today. He bought me one that looks hard but is really made of something like compressed sweet potatoes or something wierd like that. He also got me a Tibetian Cheese Stick, which is something like Yak cheese compressed real hard so it is like a rock. AND he got me a real live, uh dead marrow bone.

Bone # 1- I went through that thing in lkike 10 minutes and it was on to pester my dad.  then

Bone # 2- I accidently dropped the cheese stick and it broke in half. My dad being the worrier that he is took it away because he thought I might try to eat the pieces whole and they would get stuck inside me.

Bone # 3- Ok, boy is that marrow bone good. It is work trying to get that marrow out of the middle, but that is half the adventure. That bone did keep me occupied for quite awhile so I guess that was a success for both of us.

Life Lesson: Be prepared with multiple options and if you can help yourself by helping others everyone wins.

Breathing Cheeseburgers

 AH, Fresh air! I was cooped up most of today and I tell you it gets quite stifling sometimes. Fresh air is important. That is why they have “the Fresh Air Fund”, that is why they want people to get out and enjoy nature more. …I wonder who “they” are…but “they” are smart, fresh air is good. Now if I could get my hads on some of those “funds”.

As I was saying fresh air is important. It is good to smell all of the scents that are out there. I love to have my head out the window when my dad takes me for a drive. It is like a movie by smell. All of the scents just roll past in one even story. I know where we are, where we are going, where we have been, who was there, what they were doing, what they ate, past present and even maybe the possible futures. It is like reading history and the news at the same time.

BUT, it is not just fresh air that is important there are many other things that are important to breathe in. Things such as pizza from Pizza and Stuff or cheese burgers from Ron’s! Yes, air is good but cheese burgers taste better! Luckily my dad doesn’t mind sharing.

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Life Lesson: Stop and smell the roses and the cheese burgers.


People think that just because you cannot tell time, you do not know that they are late.

I do not know what my parents are doing lately, but they have been coming late. They think that I do not know because I just stay in the bed and wait for them to come home. In the beginning they always come right at the time when I am hungry and I need to go out. They probably think that I could hold my pee longer so they keep going home later and later. I finally let them know that I know. For the last few days I have been going downstairs and waiting for them by the door. So today my dad actually came home earlier that usual!

Yesterday my mom came home really late. But I don’t mind. She had banana-q, chicharon bulaklak,lechon  kawali, and pansit. She shares, so she can stay out as late as she wants.

Life Lesson: Do not take things, people, and especially 11 month old puppies for granted.

Love Is………..Stupid!

Lately my dad has taken to refering to me with all sorts of new names. He would say c’mon dumb a**, or let’s go stupid, or even something like, “if you want to come inside you first have to get out of the car idiot. Now I didn’t know these were mean names, I just thought he was confused as to what my name was. Maybe he forgot, I don’t know?

Anyway my mom told him to stop and call me something nice. So he started calling me genius! very nice . He would say something like “good move genius” after I did something bad. He would also use it like, “sigh, do you need to go out again genius?”

BUT, I know he is only kidding and he really loves me, because that dummy went out and bought me a 4 lb. BEEF ROAST!!!           YUP,  He’s eating nachos and I am eating roast beef! He is stuck with left over chicken and I have ROAST BEEF!!!!.


   nah nah na-nah nah. I get roast beef, I get roast beef. My dad is an idiot…..but I love him. ( my mom said to my dad, “nice move genius.”)

Life Lesson: Sometimes it is the actions of the one who loves you, not the words.


You might be thinking that because I am 150 lbs, my dad is not worried about how LITTLE I weigh.

You’re wrong then. In my daddy’s mind, I should be around 165 by now. He is worried because I am not eating very well. Standing you can actually see my ribs, and according to vet charts, that means I am skinny.

To fix this, my dad made me baked chicken, pork loin and roast beef. Every meal I get two cups of dog food, and 1 1/2 cup of all of the above. So now I eat with enthusiasm. For Now.

Life Lesson: There is more to life than Eating. But not a Lot More.

Cracking the Davinci Code

 What a day! First I got to go to Hudson Highlands Vetinary so I could get my Frontline anti-flea and tick medicine and also my Heartguard my anti heart worm medicine. They had to weigh me. I clocked in at 150lbs. So it means I get the medicine for a big dog and a medium dog too!

After that we went to the Beacon Barkery and got food! Yay! It is on Main Street in Beacon and they have the absolute bestest stuff. My mom got me an indestructible squeaky rabbit there the other day. It sounds like a duck but it is now my favorite toy…, (that is still alive). Going out of the car onto Main Street was scary, but the walk back to the car was not at all. Hmmm, maybe it is becuse I have so much fun at the Barkery?
And the adventure wasn’t done yet. We went to Petsmart just for more socialization. It is another store I am allowed in and usually I get to meet some other dogs and people to kinda’ get used to them. Thats where I met………..HIM.

 Davinci. He is my size!and my age! we are both just about 11 months and he is 145lbs.WOOOOHOOOO!!! we had a GREAT time. His dad and my dad snuck us into their training room and took off our leashes so we could run and play. Yeah, outlaws again. Again we break the rules. Off the leash and free.

It took me awhile but I got on top of Davinci and made him pee on the floor. So the code is cracked. Get on top of Davinci and make him pee! ….and you all thought it was so much more complicated than that. Hmph.

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Life Lesson: Everyday can be an adventure if you make it.

Ear Blowing

Why do people get their kicks from being annoying?

My dad discovered that I really really really do not want anything blowing in my ears. So at every opportunity he gets, he blows in my ears. Just to see what I would do. Just to see what I could do. And I really really really hate it.

One day, I will really really really get mad and not pull my punches.

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Life Lesson: Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

The Dog In The Door

Sometimes you get mad and insecure when you find out that you are not the only one.

As I am getting bigger and more confident, my dad and my mom are both letting me roam around our backyard without a leash. This morning I got so excited about being free that I ran around like a crazy puppy. I scared the deer who usually sleep just a little beyond our backyard into going deeper into the woods. I got so tired and happy, I ate all my breakfast.

My mom took me out again after lunch. We had fun running – my mom would fake run in one direction, i would pass her, then she would run the other direction and call me to her. When we were about to go back to the house, I was surprised to see a big dog in the house! I started barking and growling at him but he was barked and growled right back. He was BIGGER than me so I was a little scared, but my mommy was behind me so I stayed to protect her. Mommy kept touching the doggy and saying “Meatball”. I got confused. Why would she call the dog “Meatball” too?

Whatever. I bet that doggy does not get to eat vanilla yogurt ice cream.

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Life Lesson: We are the source of our own insecurities.

Hang Ups

There are all sorts of different types of “Hang Ups”. People have “hang ups” people on the phone get hang ups, especially telemarketers.

Dogs, hmmmmm, I don’t think we get or ave hang ups. we just “do”. we “do” what we please. We don’t worry about it. We don’t plan it. We don’t debate it. We “just Do It”. Some say we are pre programed by instinct. Some say that we do plan, um, they are wrong unless you call spontaneous instant decision making “planning” My dad just calls that “Filipino”. Some say we do worry about it. But we only really worry about the reprecusions after “doing it”.

Ah, the infamous “it”. I guess “it” is whatever “it” may be. It is kinda’ like Bill Clinton, (should I still call him President Clinton?) trying to ponder the meaning of “is” and asking what the definition of “is” , “is”. …”phew I am tired now. Why? _ Because. Why because? just because because.

Anyway, We dogs don’t get or have hang ups and if we do we chew them up!>>> see below.

….and yes, it was tasty.

Life Lesson: Don’t get hung up over things, bite them, chew them, and spit them out!

The Rather Untimely demise of My Friend the Lion…….ooops.

This was in happier days. Me playing with my Lion friend. He was soft and squeaky. I loved him, but you know after awhile that squeaking kind of gets on your nerves.

So one Happy day we played and played. I asked him why he squeaked so much, but he just squeaked in return.  So……………I ripped the stuffing out of him.

 He didn’t take it so well. In fact he looked rather badly after that. ……………I had fun.  Is being a stuffed animal serial killer a bad thing?n I still count him as one of my closest friends….and his paws still squeak, ( but I’ll get them!)

This is a little peek of me and Lion having a little fun. It is kind of like “Call of the Wild” or “Lion King”.

Life Lesson:  Don’t grow up to be a stuffed animal.

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