Meet My Little Friend

 Some people are afraid of me because of my size. They are like, “Oh my what a big mouth you have”, or  “Oh my What big teeth you have”. As if I am going to just haul off and bite them. I am an ENGLISH mastiff….ENGLISH! We are very proper and sporting eh, what. Cheerio and all that don’t you know. …..Spot of tea? oh, don’t mind if I do Guvnah.

You see for me to be agressive towards someone so little would not be sporting at all. Very bad form indeed.  That is why we English mastiffs are known as gentle giants. we do have a reputation to uphold. It would look very bad for me to go picking on a little pup. My mom and dad would be aghast at the show of bad character.

Then there are some very brave little souls like this 9 week old puppy. I think he is a daschund….German, they aren’t afraid of very much. No, German also proper, neat, organized, clean, and punctual! Not the kind to be put off by the likes of a proper gentleman, (uh, dog) such as I. Yes, I know a little sausage dog, but a cute little “wienerschnizle” at that.  I just wish we could have run and played a bit. Of course he would have had to run about 20 steps for my every one, and I would have to be careful not to step on him. But it was nice to see the little one not be afraid of me.

Life Lesson: When you are the big one, the strong one, or the older one you should be kind to the weaker, smaller, and younger ones. Be honorable, be brave, be protective, and be friendly.

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