Missing Mommy

Where is she???
My mommy left a couple of days ago and I haven’t seen her since. I miss her.  Sure being with me dad is ok, but all he wants to do is work in the basement on some wood stuff. He says, “custom furniture”. I get so bored. He throws me scraps of wood to chew up, but my mom threw me scraps of food, which is SO much better. Wood, food, wood, food……………uh, I’ll take the food, thank you.

My dad took me to Orange Pediatric Care a few times just for the ride to get out of the house and to say “hello” to some people. I said hello to Lynn, Donna, Amanda, Sabrina, Madge and some strangers. However everytime I go I miss Sarah. I think she wants to say hello to me, but I guess my dad has bad timing, (I can’t drive myself ya’ know).

I wonder when or if my mommy is coming back,. ….sigh

Life Lesson: There is no substitute for family

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