When you are drowning in the pain of loss, it is hard to remember that what has been taken away had started as a gift.

I got Teddy three months ago. I had been so happy. I had a new toy to play with. I was afraid of him in the beginning, but I got used to him. I looked forward to the times that my dad would take him out of hiding so I could play with him. He had helped me develop my forelegs and neck muscles. It took a lot to lift him off the ground and shake him.

Even when he started losing his stuffing, we still played together. My dad declared him dead a month ago, but we still kept his bearskin because I liked lying on it. My mom also uses it as a drool rag, so it has gotten ratty looking.

We were going to have company so my mom and dad were cleaning. And just like that it was decided that Teddy needs to go. She laid all the remains of all my friends, including Teddy’s, on the floor so I could say goodbye one last time. Then they were gone. I am heartbroken and I mourn.

I would like to hate my mom for the arbitrariness of the decision.  Why Teddy? Why now? Why do we need to say goodbye at all? Even at his rattiest, Teddy was precious to me.

Life Lesson: The One Who Takes is also The One Who Gives. In grief, remember not just the Taking, but that Life and Love had been given first. Then give Thanks, because your Life has been touched, and you Get To Say Goodbye.

In Memory of 

John Philemon Orillaza Domingo

June 16, 1977 to February 23, 2012

God’s Gift To All He Touched

5 thoughts on “2SayGoodbye

  1. Just think of how much “teddy” has enriched your life. All this is, is part of the growing up process. “Teddy” is in another world making new friends and having fun with them.

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