Four Hand Massage

Some of you might be thinking that I am one spoiled puppy. I think I am just much loved.

I woke up today with my mom and my dad both petting and rubbing me. My mom had my head cradled in her left arm, her left hand rubbing under my jaw. Her right hand was rubbing my right ear. My dad sat across from me rubbing my belly and my back. I had a big smile the whole time.

Okay. I guess I am a little spoiled.

Life Lesson: Sometimes when you think that your life could not get any more blessed, God surprises you and shows you how.

2 thoughts on “Four Hand Massage

  1. Yes, you will be called upon to pull a plow, or protect the house or your mom and dad, or oyu may have to get a part in the movies, so you can buy your own food.

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