At The Beacon Long Dock Park

Sometimes things only go right.

I should be sad today because I got stood up. My little girl friend forgot to tell her mommy about our date, so they made plans to go somewhere else. Also, my mommy gave her a Ruby doll. I almost got in trouble for jumping on her grandmother (tasked with giving her the gift) because I wanted the doll for myself.

So we went to Long Dock Park instead. It is Beacon’s newest park. It has a kayak pavilion, which houses kayaks for rent during weekends. It also has the Beacon Point Project, which is almost like a sculpture that juts out to the river and lets the water in during high tide so people can fish there. The picture above was taken there.

This video doesn’t exist

That’s not even the best part. There is a farmer’s market every Sunday where you can get all sorts of goodies. Today we had Nordic crepes and lamb spring rolls. I didn’t even have to beg. My mommy’s food is my food.

And there are so many dogs and people to meet. Somebody said I’m a Horsey. Another said I’m just a little pony. Everybody had been so nice to me.

I am also getting to be more confident. I try to go to new places now. I still sometimes get scared but not as much as I used to.

Life Lesson: Count your blessings, instead of your misfortunes.


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