Kicked Out!

 Does this look like a mug shot? Is this the face of a convict? My dad and I were playing in the park the other day and two guys from the local DPW came by and kicked us out.! They said no dogs are allowed in the park especially the ball field. They said it is because they poop and non one cleans up after them. Uh, people litter and no one cleans up after them! Poop at least is biodegradable and good for the soil. Deer poop and no one cleans up after them! So maybe we should also ban people and deer, and those Canadian geese. While we’re at it lets not allow anyone into the park!

Seriously it is February, no one is playing baseball on the field. My dad cleans up after me, but even if he didn’t it will be gone by spring training. ooooh, it’s dog poop ooooh, how unatural, eeeech. It is much better to have the empty plastic bottles, the candy wrappers, and the old chip bags.

My dad usually likes the “rules” but I think he has a little outlaw in him so we will probably still use the park, but maybe only on weekends when the DPW guys are busy watching saturday morning cartoons.

Ok, sorry for ranting against “the Man”. I’m going to go back and watch “Linsanity” and Jeremy Lin on TV.

pictures of happy days in the park.

Oh, and a picture of revenge…

 Piss on “the Man” Meatball was here!   Occupy the Ball field!

Life Lesson: Sometimes you need to bend the rules. Sometimes you need to be an outlaw.

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