Playing With Someone My Own Size!

What do you know, I am not a Freak. There are others like me!

Everyone kept asking my mom and dad, “why am I so big”? “Why do you guys want a big dog”? Some people would even walk away from me, avoid me, and ignore me. Sometimes it kinda’ made me feel bad. Like I don’t belong. Like I should move to “the island of misfit toys”.

Some other dogs would bark at  me, not a “come lets play” bark, but more of a “hey you, stay away from me” bark.

Sometimes I would have other dogs to play with and they would be friendly, but they were to small, so I always had to be carefull or you could tell the attached humans were worried about all sorts of things. (these worrying type of  humans are especially hard to train).

Then one day while playing in the park after a lot of running around, boy was I tired, but then out of nowhere, “BAM!” Some guy pulls up and from out of his car pops a doggy my size! Well almost.

His name is “Moonshine” he’s a Cane Corso, sort of like my Italian cousin. Moonshine is 9 months old and 120lbs. I am 9 1/2 months and 145lbs. so it is kinda’ close.  I am still big enough to drool on his back…..and his head. We had so much fun running around, he was very nice and I was also on my best behavior, (this is code words for we didn’t try to hump each other also no growling, biting, or snapping).

It was good to meet someone like me and to learn I am not alone. I can’t wait for the Beacon dog park to be built so we can meet and play again. Hopefully I will find more “freaks” like me.

Life Lesson: No matter who you are, you are not alone. It is always possible to find a kindred spirit somewhere and it will come when you least expect. Don’t give up!

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