My First Love Letter

Getting an ‘I love you” from somebody can really make your day.

For the past two weeks our neighbor has been telling my dad that they have something for me. I finally got it! Just in time for Valentine’s Day too! My very own love letter!

It was hand delivered here. Audrey came with her grandmother to say ‘I love you’ in person. She didn’t expect me to be as big as I have become. She wanted to pet me, and I wanted to kiss her, but I got so excited that I think I scared her. My mom had a hard time making me sit. When I eventually calmed down, she only wanted to pet my back. Then I would unsit and try to kiss her again. And she would get scared again. Sigh. In the end though, she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to play with me and explore my house. My mom asked her if she would like a play date next Sunday. And she said ‘Yes’! Woohoo!

Oh, and my Lola thinks I’m ugly.

Life Lesson:  Some people might think you are ugly. But if you are loved, it doesn’t matter.

7 thoughts on “My First Love Letter

  1. What a nice present. That was really sweet of the little girl.
    You have to learn to mind your manners when guests come to visit. They don’t know that you’re a lovable “teddy bear”, but that they’re a bit taken back by your size. Play had to get, and let them come to you.
    “Words of wisdom” from an “old ” man.

  2. Wow! Meatball is Loved, really loved! The love of a child so pure and innocent is a special gift. I am sure Meatball is glad he can make such a good impression on someone. He loves Audrey too!

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