Maybe I’ll Become a Football player?

Hmmm, what do I want to be when I grow up? I just finished watching the Superbowl with my mom and dad. They seemed like they were having fun. Everyone was chasing ‘the pig skin”. I LOVE pigskin! I could chase it and eat it.

I don’t want to be a Giant, (though I will be), and I don’t want to be a Patriot, (though I will be). I want to be a dog team. The NFL needs better team names…like “the Maine Lobsters” or  “the New Jersey Swamp Things”, ( are those the Jets?…only kidding. How about the MoTown Mutts? or  the Michagan Mastiffs”!

Yeah, I want to play for the Mastiff’s! I wonder if I can play linebacker? How wil I get my ears inside the helmet? Will my team have cheerleaders? I don’t want to play for a team without cheerleaders, or snacks. Snacks are important.Oh, and stuffed animals, and bones, and pull toys…oh, and they have to squeak, and ….Hey, Coach I have to pee!            Time out, one of the dogs on the field is pooping. Is that a penalty? Who’s gonna’ clean it up? Paper, plastic? shovel?

Did I go off on a tangent?

Life Lesson: Dream BIG and have fun with it.

1 thought on “Maybe I’ll Become a Football player?

  1. It was great seeing you again, Meatball. It was great seeing you all excited when I came to your house. You did a great job tuning up my car. It seems to be running better now. I hope you enjoyed the pizza. Sorry, but your Dad and I left you only one piece. Maybe you had better leftovers at supper time.
    Hope to see you again soon.

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