Its All About ME!

Hi, My name is Meatball. I am a DOG, but I am not just a dog. I am so much more. I am a stubborn, spoiled, diva, dog. Ok, there I said it. Yes, I have needs and my humans are in charge of satisfying them. Hmmm, I am kinda’, like a democrat. Yeah, I am entitled! Where is my Xbox? Where is my I-phone? Where is my tax return?  I am not worried about Mitt Romney,  I have a saftey net………… and dad!

(the preceding opinions are not neccisarily the opinions of this station and are intended for the sole use barking dog talk)

I am a spoiled diva. I get to sit around the house all day, people come in to feed me, ( my humans are trained), and they also walk me and take me places. I must say though  that I do have a job, ( I am not very good at it yet, ’cause I am still a puppy, so I am in training…cut me some slack, eh)….oooh, did ya’ get that “eh” at the end? that was me speaking Canadian!    Anyway where was I, Oh yeah, my job is to protect the house. I bark at all the strangers that come close to our domain.

Today I was especially well rewarded. When my dad came home I got to go out. while we were out walking I met a very nice lady ina car who stopped and talked to me, rubbed my head too. Then I met a couple of neighbors. I got to play with Russ from across the street. THEN, my dad took me for a long walk, we walked all the way to the ball field where he took me off the leash and we ran and ran and ran! Woohooooooo! Thats not all! for dinner I got some leftover steak with the steak juice, ( ok, blood) and some rice and a little bit of veggies in my food.  After that I got o nap and play, play and nap. Like WOW, isn’t life great sometimes?

Like I said, “my humans are trained…well trained.”

Life Lesson: There is no place like home.

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