My Paper Towel Habit

There are some things that you just got to have.

For me it is used paper towels. My mom and dad use paper towels instead of napkins when they eat so when they wipe their hands and mouths on the paper towels, all the yummy grease and salt and great smells all get absorbed. I especially like my mom’s – she is a hands-and-teeth-are-more-efficient-than-forks-and-knives kind of eater so her paper towels get really nice and sticky.

And they do not just use them then throw them away. They each use one piece of paper towel over and over again for at least 4 dinners, or until there are no more white spots, whichever comes first. Imagine the fragrance of 4 dinners condensed in one small piece of paper! Priceless. Yet they are just carelessly left at the table after each meal, probably just to tempt me and let me know what I am missing.

But that was then. I have gotten tall enough that I could just grab them even if they are in the middle of the table. I was hesitant to touch them at first – I knew I could get in trouble. But one day I got brave and swiped one from the table. My mom caught me though and had my dad get it from my mouth. It was a fail, but I cherish the 2 seconds that I got to chew it.

I tried it again today. My mom was all by herself so she just got the ends of the paper towel. The rest I got to chew for as long as I wanted. When I wrung out all the good taste and smells, I spit the remains out. My mom rolled her eyes and threw the remains away.

She should just be happy that it is not used Toilet Paper that I like.

Life Lesson:  Over thinking something makes you too cautious. Sometimes you just have to push yourself and go for it.

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