Meet My Little Friend

 Some people are afraid of me because of my size. They are like, “Oh my what a big mouth you have”, or  “Oh my What big teeth you have”. As if I am going to just haul off and bite them. I am an ENGLISH mastiff….ENGLISH! We are very proper and sporting eh, what. Cheerio and all that don’t you know. …..Spot of tea? oh, don’t mind if I do Guvnah.

You see for me to be agressive towards someone so little would not be sporting at all. Very bad form indeed.  That is why we English mastiffs are known as gentle giants. we do have a reputation to uphold. It would look very bad for me to go picking on a little pup. My mom and dad would be aghast at the show of bad character.

Then there are some very brave little souls like this 9 week old puppy. I think he is a daschund….German, they aren’t afraid of very much. No, German also proper, neat, organized, clean, and punctual! Not the kind to be put off by the likes of a proper gentleman, (uh, dog) such as I. Yes, I know a little sausage dog, but a cute little “wienerschnizle” at that.  I just wish we could have run and played a bit. Of course he would have had to run about 20 steps for my every one, and I would have to be careful not to step on him. But it was nice to see the little one not be afraid of me.

Life Lesson: When you are the big one, the strong one, or the older one you should be kind to the weaker, smaller, and younger ones. Be honorable, be brave, be protective, and be friendly.

Pawprint In the Sand

What you see above is my paw print and my mom’s footprint.

You might have thought that this is a mountain lion print taken before my mom was eaten. Almost, but not quite.

Or, you might be thinking that I am carrying my mommy on my back because my print is so deep and my mom’s is so light. (Please do not give my mom more bright ideas.)

I have become a very strong runner. I am also getting good at fetching. This is my print while running hard. My mom’s print is also from her exerting herself – staying in the middle of the field, watching me run.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Always do your best – you never know when it will leave a mark.

My Psychic Advisor

Saturday my dad took me to a “psychic advisor”. He said it was to figure out why I am so afraid of Main Street and such a “scaredy cat”. I guess he thinks I have issues.

So I am thinking that she would have a crystal ball, tarot cards, maybe a ouija bouard, or hold a se’ance or something really cool like that.  But no such luck. At least she was very nice. We hung out and talked for awhile, kinda’ relaxed, chilled you might say.

She went on about me wanting to play with some friends my own size. Wanting to play with a large ball like  a soccer ball, (stay tuned for a later post on an update on that!). Doing stuff like hiking in the woods, (sounds like fun!) She also went on about how I am a gentle soul and I don’t know my own size, not just physical size, but my “presence” and how that affects others, other dogs, other people, and the Earth and the Universe.

 ………..Ok, I made up the stuff about the earth and the Universe but it sounded cool, huh.

Then we went for a walk on Main Street with her so she could see me and how afraid I was and at what. …sheesh, how embarassing.

It was tough but I lived through it and she said that I should just keep doing it and as I grow up I will realize it is no big deal. She also said that I can get my confidence from my dad and I should follow him and if he is the leader of the pack I will trust and follow him. I KNOW he isn’t going to lead me up any mountain tops, cliff edges, tram lines, roof tops or any other high places. So I guess I just have to gett over high things when I am low down. ………………maybe sooner or later, maybe.

Life Lesson: Sometimes you don’t need a crystal ball but you stll need someone to tell you what you already know

Missing Mommy

Where is she???
My mommy left a couple of days ago and I haven’t seen her since. I miss her.  Sure being with me dad is ok, but all he wants to do is work in the basement on some wood stuff. He says, “custom furniture”. I get so bored. He throws me scraps of wood to chew up, but my mom threw me scraps of food, which is SO much better. Wood, food, wood, food……………uh, I’ll take the food, thank you.

My dad took me to Orange Pediatric Care a few times just for the ride to get out of the house and to say “hello” to some people. I said hello to Lynn, Donna, Amanda, Sabrina, Madge and some strangers. However everytime I go I miss Sarah. I think she wants to say hello to me, but I guess my dad has bad timing, (I can’t drive myself ya’ know).

I wonder when or if my mommy is coming back,. ….sigh

Life Lesson: There is no substitute for family


When you are drowning in the pain of loss, it is hard to remember that what has been taken away had started as a gift.

I got Teddy three months ago. I had been so happy. I had a new toy to play with. I was afraid of him in the beginning, but I got used to him. I looked forward to the times that my dad would take him out of hiding so I could play with him. He had helped me develop my forelegs and neck muscles. It took a lot to lift him off the ground and shake him.

Even when he started losing his stuffing, we still played together. My dad declared him dead a month ago, but we still kept his bearskin because I liked lying on it. My mom also uses it as a drool rag, so it has gotten ratty looking.

We were going to have company so my mom and dad were cleaning. And just like that it was decided that Teddy needs to go. She laid all the remains of all my friends, including Teddy’s, on the floor so I could say goodbye one last time. Then they were gone. I am heartbroken and I mourn.

I would like to hate my mom for the arbitrariness of the decision.  Why Teddy? Why now? Why do we need to say goodbye at all? Even at his rattiest, Teddy was precious to me.

Life Lesson: The One Who Takes is also The One Who Gives. In grief, remember not just the Taking, but that Life and Love had been given first. Then give Thanks, because your Life has been touched, and you Get To Say Goodbye.

In Memory of 

John Philemon Orillaza Domingo

June 16, 1977 to February 23, 2012

God’s Gift To All He Touched

Four Hand Massage

Some of you might be thinking that I am one spoiled puppy. I think I am just much loved.

I woke up today with my mom and my dad both petting and rubbing me. My mom had my head cradled in her left arm, her left hand rubbing under my jaw. Her right hand was rubbing my right ear. My dad sat across from me rubbing my belly and my back. I had a big smile the whole time.

Okay. I guess I am a little spoiled.

Life Lesson: Sometimes when you think that your life could not get any more blessed, God surprises you and shows you how.

Human Training

I have my mom and dad well trained. When my mom is eating I sit by her and give her my paw. She then is trained to give me some of her food. My dad however will not do that.

However, as you can see when I walk up to my dad with my bone I have him trained to hold it for me. It is so much easier than trying to grab that thing with my paws.

This is a much more comfortable position for me.

Now if I can just get him to sit when I say!

Life Lesson: Humans think they are the top of the food chain and the smartest. But with some guile and a cute face you can have them work for you. You do have to realize that they all have their own special talents and purposes to serve you.


Who’s Head is Bigger?

 Ok, I am going to show you a bunch of photos. Everyone tells me that MY head is bigger than my dads. There is one sadly mistaken man who believes his head is bigger than mine.

Now there is some argument about cranial size, to include the nose or not, how much neck is allowed. BUT, when you get right down to it,….whose head is bigger?

Life Lesson: Sometimes how you see yourself is different than how others see you.  You are probably right.

At The Beacon Long Dock Park

Sometimes things only go right.

I should be sad today because I got stood up. My little girl friend forgot to tell her mommy about our date, so they made plans to go somewhere else. Also, my mommy gave her a Ruby doll. I almost got in trouble for jumping on her grandmother (tasked with giving her the gift) because I wanted the doll for myself.

So we went to Long Dock Park instead. It is Beacon’s newest park. It has a kayak pavilion, which houses kayaks for rent during weekends. It also has the Beacon Point Project, which is almost like a sculpture that juts out to the river and lets the water in during high tide so people can fish there. The picture above was taken there.

This video doesn’t exist

That’s not even the best part. There is a farmer’s market every Sunday where you can get all sorts of goodies. Today we had Nordic crepes and lamb spring rolls. I didn’t even have to beg. My mommy’s food is my food.

And there are so many dogs and people to meet. Somebody said I’m a Horsey. Another said I’m just a little pony. Everybody had been so nice to me.

I am also getting to be more confident. I try to go to new places now. I still sometimes get scared but not as much as I used to.

Life Lesson: Count your blessings, instead of your misfortunes.


Love Is

… waking up early to put your slimy, slobbery, two-day-old-bone-with-peanut-butter-inside beside mommy when she sleeps, so when she wakes up she will have something to play with.

… leaving the bed in the middle of the night, to sleep on the floor, because there is no more room to maneuver in the bed, so nobody else has to.

… eating puto seko  from my mom’s right hand, and queso de bola from her left hand, because we like eating them both at the same time, together.

… getting my very own Jamaican beef patty, to eat by my lonesome, because my mom thought I would like it.

… my mommy playing tug with me, even if it is too much work.

… my daddy giving me at least two hours of play time a day doing PUPPY stuff.

… my daddy giving me a belly rub with his right hand, and giving my mommy a back rub with his left hand.

… my mom not touching to walls, because that would upset my dad.

… my dad trying not to be upset because of the drool on the wall, on the floor and everywhere else in between.

… my mom occasionally trying to clean up some drool so my dad would not be too upset.

… me drooling more, so my mom and my dad will have something to do together: cleaning up said drool.

… living together as a family, despite the pain and discomfort, beacuse the joy at the end of the day is worth it.

Life Lesson: Love is not one-size-fits-all. Embrace it, even if it is not really what you had in mind. If it is perfect, it’s probably fake.