Happy Birthday Poppy!…Road trip!

 Sometimes you have to go the extra mile for the ones you love. It was poppys, (my dad’s dad) birthday today so we wanted to go say “Happy Birthday”.  But as usual there are also other things we had to do along the way.  First I had to get into the car, no easy task sometimes ’cause I don’t know where my dad wants to take me. Then we drive to Auto Tourismo Sport in Connecticut, ( New Milford). That is where my dads friends the “exotic car guys” hang out” …..work actually.

My dad wants to show me off and say “Hi” to them. It is a long car ride maybe an hour or more. When we get there I don’t want to get out of the car because it is a strange place, so I make my dad jump through hoops and coax me out with a lot of treats. Finally I brake down and get out for him, of course I make him give me a lot of treats to get me to go inside. The place is BIG, there are cars in the air, noise and the smell of tasty Italian leather mixed in with the gas fumes, oil smells, and exhaust. there are Alfas, Ferrari’s, Jaguars, Mercedes, and lots of other cars, (ok, I don’t care but my dad thinks it like a big toy box).they chit chat for a long time and I finally get comfortable on the floor…then we have to go.

After another long drive we end up at poppys new house. I get to smell around outside and get a good look at the garage and the basement.  Poppy is happy to see me, so is grandma except for the possibility of me drooling all over the place.  While in the basement I get to smell everywhere. So in my hunt I find an old natural sponge and boy does it smell like it nees to be pulled apart! So I oblige…untill I get caught and it gets taken away. No problem, I’ll continue my hunt for items needing to be chewed. along comes a cork, small but I am not above nibbling on smaller “adventures”. Other peoples [places have all sorts of stuff that I am looking to try. then THAT gets taken away from me too!

It seems they chit chat forever there also …and just when I am getting comfortable, guess what…we’re going to have to go again.

Another long drive home and boy am I tired and hungry. But it is home at last and somewhere comfortable and familiar. I can finally let my guard down, rest, eat , and feel safe.

Life Lesson: There is no place like home! , (Dorothy, …actually I think it was the Good Witch of the North)


More Dead

 Well apparently like Billy Crystals charecter in the movie ” The Princess Bride”, there is dead and then there is all the way dead.

You see my mom and dad had declared the big bear “dead”……………apparently he “was getting better”, ( Monty Python), or so he thought. Or perhaps he just “had more to give”, or …uh, maybe I am some deviant freak who likes tearing up dead bodies, er, stuffed animal bodies.

Anyway, I kinda’ tore up big bear more. I sort of turned his head inside out and removed his white fluffy brains.

If I was a surgeon or a marketing expert I probably could have sugar coated that a little and said something like, ” I was able to invert the cranium and remove the problematic parts of the cerebrum, cerebellum, and all other related tissue.” – surgeon


” Our corporation has restructrued the main nerve center of big bear to be more transparent and efficient”. – marketing expert

Either way, he is currently “More Dead”!

Psychic Therapist

Why is it a problem when you are not like everybody else?

Every quasi-animal expert that my dad asks about my looking up and being afraid of things that are higher than me have no answer for him. They have never heard of anything like it before. So when he found out that there is an dog psychic/therapist coming to out area, he made an appointment right away.

My mom being my mom, thought it was funny. I can tell this is going to be an all-night giggle fest for her. She is already anticipating the fun she will have when we finally go.

I want to tell them I am not afraid to look up all the time! Especially if the choice is between duck jerky and bacon!

This video doesn’t exist

Oh well! At least I will get both their undivided attention during that time.

Life Lesson: Keep an open mind always – life is full of surprises.

WooHoo!!! NY GIANTS Win!!!

There are no limits to human craziness.

Usually our house is pretty sedate. Most of the fun and action come from me. So it is pretty traumatic for me to hear so much screaming coming from BOTH my dad and my mom. You would think we were under attack!

The first time my mom screamed I ran to her. I thought she was in pain, or in some kind of trouble. I went to her to comfort her. But I do not think she even saw me. Apparently some Manning threw a Hail Mary and a Nicks caught it. There wasn’t anybody else in the house, so I thought we’re okay, so I went back to chillaxing. Then my dad started screaming too. I did the same thing, thinking he is now the one in trouble. He isn’t. At least he was sorry that he disturbed my peace, and rubbed my ears to say he was sorry.

There were more screaming after that. After a while I would just jerk with each scream.

Then it was over.

The NY Giants won.

My mom loves somebody’s manure. (Osi Umenyiora)

My dad feels sorry for Dustpan (Jake Gyllenhaal ‘Dustan’ in Prince of Persia looks like Aaron Rodgers).

We were celebrating so I got deep fried veal, salt pork, rice and menudo for dinner. Just for that, I am now also a Giants fan.

Life Lesson: No matter how great the odds are against you, if you do not quit, you can still win.



R.I.P. Teddy

You wait and wait for something to happen, yet when it finally does, it still surprises you.

For the longest time Teddy has been bleeding stuffing. He had holes in his neck, his armpit  and his upper back. He had his innards hanging out (dark orange stuffed thing). But he was still useful. And I loved him still.

This video doesn’t exist

But today, after a bout of rough play, I was able to pull off the orange thingy. And the bleeding was unstoppable after that. I ripped everything apart. I couldn’t help myself.  But in the end, I felt sorry. And I showed him that I loved him one last time.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” -Alfred Lord Tennyson


Scary Movies

Do I look excited? Do I look scared? Do I look like I care? ..or I will have trouble sleeping?………………NO!

 My mom wanted to watch a scary movie, I think it was called “Case 39” or project 39, somehting like that. It had Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper, and Ian McShane. So she sits down and so does my dad, (who is already making fun of it), along with a pizza, ( Ok, now that part is interesting!).

They are getting Pizza and I am getting scraps. My mom is not watching the movie she is watching ’cause she is getting scared and my dad continues to make fun of it and find fault with the way people react in the plot. All the while all I am worrying about is the life and well being of the pizza. After a while I take a nap while they 1/2 watch the entire movie.

Eventually the pizza gets finished, I get my scraps, my mom gets scared and my dad is upset that he had to watch the whole movie. All in all a good night together which could have only been improved upon if I had gotten more PIZZA!

Life Lesson:No matter what you are doing “A Night Together Is A Good Night!



Beaten Up

It is easy to be brave when you think you are going to win.

There is probably nobody else to blame but me. When we went to the park to play we met a 2 1/2 year old pit bull named Louis. He was smaller, shorter, leaner. I thought I could easily dominate him. After the usual hi and butt-smelling, I tried to mount him. Big Mistake.

This video doesn’t exist

He probably thought I was a stupid puppy. (He was probably right.) When I was showing off my jumping and running skills, he just looked at me. I think he lost his temper when I started invading his personal space. It probably took him only 5 seconds to get me under him – with my face in his butt. It didn’t take a lot of effort for him to keep me underneath him too. I was humiliated. My dad and his mom would separate us, then we would go at it again, and I would lose again. And again. And again.

This video doesn’t exist

And fighting skills was not the only category that I lost. Louis’ mom gave us Louis’ business card. He has a home phone, a cell phone, an email address, and his own website. My Tiger Mom wanted to go nuclear. She had wanted my dad to make a Meatball business card with the blog name and my picture on it. He never got around to doing it and now she is mad because somebody beat her to it.

This video doesn’t exist

I would like to think that it was my prong collar, my dad’s stronger hold on me, and the fact that I had only a little space to maneuver were the reasons why I lost my first REAL fighting bout. But in the end, I would have to admit, that it is probably because I have too big, too clumsy, too inexperienced a body, and too small a brain.

But I am young. And at least NOT afraid to learn.

Life Lesson: What does not kill you, makes you strong.

A New Bed and A New Trick

It feels good when somebody does something nice for you.

I have grown so big (134 lbs as of last night) that my beds/cushions have become too small for me. When I sleep, part of my body would be in a cushion, and another part would either be in the floor or the carpet.  My Toronto Tita got me two doggy beds then sewed them for me. Am I loved or what?

I have learned a new trick though that gives me an even bigger bed. I wait early in the morning, maybe 4 am. Then I bark in front of my daddy’s face, not too loud, but persistently until my daddy stirs. (He thinks I need to go out.) Once he gets up, puts his clothes on, jump on his part of the bed where it’s warm and cozy, and smells like daddy all over, make like its your bed, and go back to sleep. It works all the time now. My dad is easy to train:-)

Life Lesson:  Don’t change anything that works. Unless you find something that works even better.


People are going to try to sell you a different story.

Because of the previous post, my dad is threatening to write that it was my mommy who hit me with a frying pan.  Anybody who knows would know this is a lie – My mommy wouldn’t know where to get the frying pan!

Life Lesson: Don’t believe everything you hear (or read).