Why Don’t the Deer Want to Play With ME?

 Boy is it hard to make friends with some of my neighbors. It can’t be becasue I am a newcomer into the neighborhood. Yes, even though their families were here first I am about as old as some of their kids. Maybe it is because I get to live inside? Nah, I don’t think they have so much envy that they would hold it against me.

I think it is much more insidious. Call me crazy, call me paranoid, but I think they have a spiecies predjudice. Its the old carnivore/herbivore thing.  Those uppity herbivores profile all of us carnivores and they do not want to be associated with us. Do I not have fur also? Do I not live on all fours too? If I am cut do I not bleed? I also have a tail, I also have a mother a father, sisters, brothers, (somewhere).

Why – Oh – Why must they always run away from me when I approach?  Can I not mingle, can I not play with you? Have you not watched West Side Story? Have you learned nothing? Must you all be so predjudiced?

Must you be SO vegetarian?
I believe it, as most predjudices are born out of fear.  Fear that I wil eat them or something.

 Run, run you stupid vegetarian herbivore. I didn’t wan to play with you anyway!…………………………sigh.

Life Lesson: You can’t always make others become your friend.

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