How To Make The Most of Taking Medicine

Some unpleasant things you have no choice but endure. You can however make it bearable.

I’ve been nursing my cough and my cold for the past 2 weeks. Finally my dad took me to the vet again, and it was decided that I should be on antibiotics. When I got sick when I was a baby, I had to have antibiotics too. My dad buried it in liverwurst, and I took it just fine.

This time around though, I could smell something was different. When my dad gave me the first pill with the liverwurst, I ate the liverwurst, then spit out the tablet. It was awful tasting and I was having none of it. He then tried American peanut butter. I ate the peanut butter then spit the tablet out again. I felt so good. I had liverwurst and peanut butter and I didn’t even swallowed the pill. My dad got wise though. He put the pill in Filipino peanut butter (sweeter and slimier than the American counterpart) and shoved the whole thing in the back of my throat.

It worked. But my dad didn’t want to give me Filipino peanut butter all the time. It is like crack for dogs – it is so sweet, it drives you nuts! I ran around our house like a crazy dog after one dose, and I couldn’t help myself, I had so much energy!

Somebody suggested that my dad try ice cream instead. My mom would get jealous if I had ice cream and she doesn’t. So my dad had to get ice cream that will not be bad for me, but that my mom would like also.

So now I take my pills GLADLY, with strawberry ice cream.

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Life Lesson: A spoonful of strawberry ice cream makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. – Mary Poppins, revised

5 thoughts on “How To Make The Most of Taking Medicine

  1. Listen to your doctors, so maybe you won’t get sick again. Word of advise.Stay away from crowds and small children. They carry a lot of germs with them.

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