Gung Hoy Fat Choi

Happy New Years! – the Chinese New Year! the Year of the DRAGON!!!! oooh.


 If I were to be a dragon, this is the kind of dragon I’d want to be. Not a dragon like Barney. that soft puple fool, btw, is he still alive?

I want to be a big fearsome dragon. But also a benevolent and just dragon. A dragon that protects the good people, that protects the home, and that protects……my food supply!, (especially the better treats and stuff).

I want to be a good luck dragon, one that brings good health, love, prosperity, good luck, and happines.

I have some of the makings of a dragon. I have big ears, though they are sort of floppy. I have the big teeth. I can breath fire sometimes…ok, ok, it kinda’ comes out the other end, but it could be fire if someone lights a match.

So to everyone everywhere, May the year of the dragon be off to an auspicious start and may that follow through the entire year!

Life Lesson: No matter who you are, you can choose the path you take. It is your choice.

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