Sometimes when you are sick, there is just no making you happy.

I got my Bordetella and canine flu shots last week. Since then I have had an on and off ubo   (cough) and sipon (runny nose). My ubo is hacking, sometimes non-stop, and I feel like I have things in my throat that I need to clear. I also sneeze a lot.  There is a lot of drool coming out of my nose that mixes with with normal drool. I feel tired. And I also do not want to eat.

My dad was so worried he called the vet several times. And we are told to just watch and wait. Sometimes I would seem to be better, but the next day I will be sick again. I am getting tired of it.

It has been so bad that even with beef brisket, my dad couldn’t get me to come and eat.

This video doesn’t exist

He tried to entice me with how good the beef was. Did not work.

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I still really did not feel like eating. I think I am driving my dad nuts. Now he has two questions to ask the psychic therapist! Finally he tried doing it with a spoon. I felt so loved that I finally ate.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Being sick is not fun, but it can be interesting.

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