Lean On Me, …uh, on YOU!

 This is my Mom and Dad, my real Mom and Dad. They loved leaning on people in order to get the people to pet them, rub their ears, and in general pay attention to them. It is kind of hard for a person to ignore 440 lbs. of dogs leaning on them.

Recently I have learned the “trick” of leaning on my human mom and dad and are training them to pay more ..better, attention to me.  Boy, does it ever work! I’m only about 135 lbs. and when I lean on either of them they almost fall all over themselves to hold on to me! Woohoo! Weight, ( pun ) untill I get to be a big dog, then I can really “exert” my influence!

In fact I come from a family of leaners. Just look at my album…

That is Mom and Aunt, …ooops I forgot her name. Maybe Dad or my uncle is in that picture too. It is hard to tell.

One day I hope to visit them again and we can all “lean out”

Life Lesson: We all need someone to lean on!    ( preferably they will be a well trained human who won’t fall over and will rub your ears).


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