Happy Birthday Poppy!…Road trip!

 Sometimes you have to go the extra mile for the ones you love. It was poppys, (my dad’s dad) birthday today so we wanted to go say “Happy Birthday”.  But as usual there are also other things we had to do along the way.  First I had to get into the car, no easy task sometimes ’cause I don’t know where my dad wants to take me. Then we drive to Auto Tourismo Sport in Connecticut, ( New Milford). That is where my dads friends the “exotic car guys” hang out” …..work actually.

My dad wants to show me off and say “Hi” to them. It is a long car ride maybe an hour or more. When we get there I don’t want to get out of the car because it is a strange place, so I make my dad jump through hoops and coax me out with a lot of treats. Finally I brake down and get out for him, of course I make him give me a lot of treats to get me to go inside. The place is BIG, there are cars in the air, noise and the smell of tasty Italian leather mixed in with the gas fumes, oil smells, and exhaust. there are Alfas, Ferrari’s, Jaguars, Mercedes, and lots of other cars, (ok, I don’t care but my dad thinks it like a big toy box).they chit chat for a long time and I finally get comfortable on the floor…then we have to go.

After another long drive we end up at poppys new house. I get to smell around outside and get a good look at the garage and the basement.  Poppy is happy to see me, so is grandma except for the possibility of me drooling all over the place.  While in the basement I get to smell everywhere. So in my hunt I find an old natural sponge and boy does it smell like it nees to be pulled apart! So I oblige…untill I get caught and it gets taken away. No problem, I’ll continue my hunt for items needing to be chewed. along comes a cork, small but I am not above nibbling on smaller “adventures”. Other peoples [places have all sorts of stuff that I am looking to try. then THAT gets taken away from me too!

It seems they chit chat forever there also …and just when I am getting comfortable, guess what…we’re going to have to go again.

Another long drive home and boy am I tired and hungry. But it is home at last and somewhere comfortable and familiar. I can finally let my guard down, rest, eat , and feel safe.

Life Lesson: There is no place like home! , (Dorothy, …actually I think it was the Good Witch of the North)


1 thought on “Happy Birthday Poppy!…Road trip!

  1. What a great pleasure it was for you to visit me on my birthday, and to get a birthday kiss;
    I’m sorry that I took the sponge away from you. I didn’t want you to swallow any of the pieces and get sick. The same with the wine cork, they’re really small. But, I know that you’re really inquisitive, and eager to learn about everything. Maybe, one day late spring,(when the weather is nice) I’ll take you for a ride in my Maser with the top down, so your ears could flap in the wind..
    See you soon.

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