Beaten Up

It is easy to be brave when you think you are going to win.

There is probably nobody else to blame but me. When we went to the park to play we met a 2 1/2 year old pit bull named Louis. He was smaller, shorter, leaner. I thought I could easily dominate him. After the usual hi and butt-smelling, I tried to mount him. Big Mistake.

This video doesn’t exist

He probably thought I was a stupid puppy. (He was probably right.) When I was showing off my jumping and running skills, he just looked at me. I think he lost his temper when I started invading his personal space. It probably took him only 5 seconds to get me under him – with my face in his butt. It didn’t take a lot of effort for him to keep me underneath him too. I was humiliated. My dad and his mom would separate us, then we would go at it again, and I would lose again. And again. And again.

This video doesn’t exist

And fighting skills was not the only category that I lost. Louis’ mom gave us Louis’ business card. He has a home phone, a cell phone, an email address, and his own website. My Tiger Mom wanted to go nuclear. She had wanted my dad to make a Meatball business card with the blog name and my picture on it. He never got around to doing it and now she is mad because somebody beat her to it.

This video doesn’t exist

I would like to think that it was my prong collar, my dad’s stronger hold on me, and the fact that I had only a little space to maneuver were the reasons why I lost my first REAL fighting bout. But in the end, I would have to admit, that it is probably because I have too big, too clumsy, too inexperienced a body, and too small a brain.

But I am young. And at least NOT afraid to learn.

Life Lesson: What does not kill you, makes you strong.

5 thoughts on “Beaten Up

  1. Not true! I am a tough dog! I have layed waste to many a poor soul, Horsey is on life support, yellow dog is dead as are Lbs. and Mr. Bear along with a host of other of my stuffed friends. My New friend mr. frog has had his arms pulled off, but Big Bear still seems to be hanging on I am sorry to admit. He is looking a little flatter and has lost a lot of weight but is still alive.
    Also to my credit I broke my dads nose…..see I am tough.

  2. Lesson learned, meatball.
    As you grow up, you become wiser and know how to use your weight to good advantage.You could have probably could have given him a swipe with your paw and put him down. But, you have to know the difference between a male and female opponent. You don’t want to have people talking about you.
    Keep telling yourself that you’re big,brave and strong, like Sir Lancelot.
    Let me know if you meet up with this bully again.

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