A New Bed and A New Trick

It feels good when somebody does something nice for you.

I have grown so big (134 lbs as of last night) that my beds/cushions have become too small for me. When I sleep, part of my body would be in a cushion, and another part would either be in the floor or the carpet.  My Toronto Tita got me two doggy beds then sewed them for me. Am I loved or what?

I have learned a new trick though that gives me an even bigger bed. I wait early in the morning, maybe 4 am. Then I bark in front of my daddy’s face, not too loud, but persistently until my daddy stirs. (He thinks I need to go out.) Once he gets up, puts his clothes on, jump on his part of the bed where it’s warm and cozy, and smells like daddy all over, make like its your bed, and go back to sleep. It works all the time now. My dad is easy to train:-)

Life Lesson:  Don’t change anything that works. Unless you find something that works even better.

2 thoughts on “A New Bed and A New Trick

  1. Hey Meatball, you have to understand, Dads are smart. He’ll catch onto your tricks. There will come a time when you really have to go out, and he will ignore you, thinking it’s another ploy. So! Don’t push it.
    Take it from a wise old man.

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