Violence begets violence.

My mom had been away for almost a week. It had been just me and my dad, so I had been kind of needy. I wanted to be with him all the time, and I think he grew tired of me. He couldn’t do anything for himself because I was always there, needing him. He got so sick of me that he decided to tire me out so much so I will leave him alone. He drove me to the ballpark. He made the ride erratic so I would feel dizzy in the car. At the field he ran me around like a maniac. Finally, I think he was feeling so much resentment that he threw a tennis ball straight at my head.

I don’t think he intended to hit me. But the tennis ball flew straight and true – a bulls eye! And it hurt so much I cried. I cried and cried for probably half an hour. I didn’t want to go near my dad after, I didn’t trust him anymore. Eventually, because I didn’t really have a choice, I came home with him. But I still didn’t like him after that.

When my mom came home, she saw my bukol (lump or swelling). When she heard the story she was so mad, she beat my dad up. It made her madder that she is not strong enough to give my dad his own bukol.

So when my dad said sorry, I felt sorry for him and forgave him. And now I feel better. I hardly feel the bukol anymore. And we are a happy family again.

And I got to eat potato chips.

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Life Lesson #1: Don’t hit anything in anger. The damage is great, and you will always regret it later.

Life Lesson #2: In the long run, Forgiving is easier, more practical, and more cost-effective. It is only hard in the beginning.

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