Oops I did it again.

  I think there was a song something about this. I believe the artist was Brittany Spaniel or something like that. Oh, my mom said , Brittany Spears not spaniel. …I thought they were called Broccoli Spears? …what do I know, I’m just a puppy.     Anyway, I didn’t mean to do it, (again). I didn’t know my dad was going to bend over me just as I decided to jump up. Sorry for the head but dad.

I think my dads way to get me to stop playing is to hit me in the head with his nose. then he falls down and rolls around and finally just lies there holding his head back.

Life Lesson: I’s all fun and games untill someone gets hurt.

2 thoughts on “Oops I did it again.

  1. It seems that you like martial arts, getting the head butts dopwn pat. You have to learn to slap your opponents down with your paw. Maybe you can get into cage fighting.(Not serious)

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