Looking Ahead – New Years resolutions

 I know it is a little late but I needed time to think things over. basically I have two sets of New Years resolutions. 1). the practicle set and 2). the dream set……….so here it goes…………….

A). Not to lose weight, but to grow really big.

B). To get over my fears

C). To not break my daddys’ nose again

D). To join a club, oh I don’t know..maybe the AKC and to be the best Mastiff I possibly can.

…………………Then there is the dream set!

A). To be a movie star and travel the world!  I want to go to England ’cause that’s where my peeps, ( uh, dawgs?) are from. I want to go to Italy to see my Neopolitan brothers…and to eat really good dog food. I bet they feed their dogs Great over there! I want to go to France and see the French stuff, maybe chase some Citroens and see if I can get them to flip over. I want to go to Germany to eat sausage and to bark out “Ich bin ein Berliner Hund!”

 I’d love to go to Australia and New Zeland I belive they refer to them as OZ, yeah’ just like in that movie staring “toto”.  Maybe I can go to Africa and run with the other wild animals on safari! That would be cool! I’d love to meet some Lions and Elephants, maybe go see the Sphinx or play with some chimps?

where else?  Oh, Oh, I wan’t to go to Antartica and do some “scientific” research on ice cubes and meet some penguins. Is there anyone out there from Antartica that can invite me down? My poppy went there, so I’d like to follow in his foot prints.

I think South America would be fun too.  Carinival! WOOOHOOOO!!!! This little puppy from Ipanema! Love that song! I would like to make friends from all over he world. ….but……

I am probably going to stay away from Asia, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to go, there is so much to see and do. It’s just that my life expectancy really drops in that part of the world.

I guess I would have to do some acting if I were to be a movie star. I could play the cowardly lion in that Toto movie, “The wizard of Oz”. I would just need a mane, the rest I have down pat.

Hopefully I can make friends from all over and they will send me post cards or messages so I can learn about places I may not be able to visit.

Life Lesson: Dream big but keep your Paws on the ground.

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead – New Years resolutions

  1. I would love to go to the Philippines, ……I know they would love me there……………..uh, but maybe they would love me too much. They might want to introduce me to some suka or patisse. I don’t want to become known as Meatball Kawalii. ( am I spelling anything correctly? ….I might not even be getting the English right)

  2. You would really love Italy. They know how to eat. They would welcome you to their table with open arms, also your friends, the Neopolitans. But watch out for the Mafia. They would probably make you “Don”.
    Don’t go to China, you would feed a family for a month.

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