2011 Done!

Wow, My first year, ( well almost…I haven’t even been around a year yet).

This was me        I was so scared after being taken from my family and my home and then transported to this strange house.  Here I am with Mr. Bear who was my only friend.

   along the way I started to grow and adventure more.  I learned to go outside, it was a whole new world……and I learned it is better to poop out there!   I got in trouble some.

    I made friends with my new dad.

   Sometimes we had our differences.

 I got my belly rubbed.

    I met my first true love.   ….and ended up killing her and pulling all of the stuffing out of her neck……..ooops, my bad. My feet got bigger…. and I got tired!

Life Lesson: Savor all that happens as the year goes by. All these small events are “Life”.

2 thoughts on “2011 Done!

  1. It was GReeaattt having you around this first year,and watching you grow.You’re a great “grand dog”.
    You’re fun to play with.

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