Somebody Else’s House

Another Shocker: There are other worlds besides your own.

Up till the very last day of 2011 I had thought that there was only one kind of house – mine. I have been to the Store, the Baseball Field, the Waterfront Park, Main Street, but never in Another House.

We went to my Tita‘s house for New Year’s Eve. It was a very long car ride. I was exhausted even before we got there. I didn’t want to get out of the car – the outside did not smell right. My dad had no patience for me so he forcibly half-pulled, half carried me out. I didn’t want to go in the house either, but when my Tita came out (she just visited me a few days ago), I followed her in.

I was scared still. My heart was racing. I couldn’t stop panting. But my mom and dad both sat beside me. My tita played with me. After half an hour, I began to feel a little better. My mom fed me siopao and pear. I felt a lot better.  My mom then went to the kitchen. I wanted to follow her – I didn’t want us separating – but I couldn’t! There were so many things overhead that were freaking me out. We didn’t have those in my House. My tita tried to coax me into the kitchen by bribing me with Pandesal (bread). It worked in the beginning. I was able to get my body halfway into the kitchen. But when she moved further in, I didn’t take the bait. No Pandesal is worth getting a heart attack over!

This video doesn’t exist

My Ate was also there. For a while we sat almost together. In the beginning she would flee if I got too close. But she petted me before I said goodbye. I had a Happy New Year’s Eve!

Life Lesson: Widen your horizon – it probably will not kill you immediately:-)

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