OK, Who is Shrinking My Dog Dish Holder?

Ok, Someone must be playing a joke on me. My dad just made this stand for me for Christmas. That was only a little more than a month ago. When I first got it I could just barely reach my head enough to get it in the dish. The dish and the water bowl were about even with my head and almost too high to eat or drink comfortably.

I remeber him saying, ” this looks like it will last a while. I built it high enough to last untill you are all grown up”. ” I may not have to build another”. “It is a foot and a half off the ground”…”hmmm, Maybe I built it too high?”

………..Uh, NO! Now I have to bow my back and reach down to eat and drink! I think maybe someone is playing a practicle joke and cutting the legs off when I am not looking. I don’t think my dad wants to build another. My food keeps getting farther and farther away from my mouth.

 I feel like Giliver in Gulivers Travels.

I feel like the big kid who still has to eat at the “kids table”.

They say the world is shrinking, I guess it is true.

Life Lesson: There is no shame in stooping low in order to eat a good meal.

Why Don’t the Deer Want to Play With ME?

 Boy is it hard to make friends with some of my neighbors. It can’t be becasue I am a newcomer into the neighborhood. Yes, even though their families were here first I am about as old as some of their kids. Maybe it is because I get to live inside? Nah, I don’t think they have so much envy that they would hold it against me.

I think it is much more insidious. Call me crazy, call me paranoid, but I think they have a spiecies predjudice. Its the old carnivore/herbivore thing.  Those uppity herbivores profile all of us carnivores and they do not want to be associated with us. Do I not have fur also? Do I not live on all fours too? If I am cut do I not bleed? I also have a tail, I also have a mother a father, sisters, brothers, (somewhere).

Why – Oh – Why must they always run away from me when I approach?  Can I not mingle, can I not play with you? Have you not watched West Side Story? Have you learned nothing? Must you all be so predjudiced?

Must you be SO vegetarian?
I believe it, as most predjudices are born out of fear.  Fear that I wil eat them or something.

 Run, run you stupid vegetarian herbivore. I didn’t wan to play with you anyway!…………………………sigh.

Life Lesson: You can’t always make others become your friend.

Too Many Dogs in the USA Go Hungry Every Day

 Yes, it is sad but true! Many American dogs do indeed go hungry every day. I myself go hungry at least three times a day and I have to wait for some human, (usually my dad) to feed me. Then I am better, but sooner or later the hunger comes back. Hunger is like a disease, but at least there is a cure….more food.

I was a little under the weather earlier this week and my apetite wasn’t great. Now however I am much better! The good folks at Hudson Highlands Vetinary in Beacon really are good. I LOVE them. They made me feel better and now I want to play, walk, and EAT.

My dad took me for a bunch of different and long walks this weekend. We went to the park one way. Then we went to the park another way. we ran around the ballfield. We went to the park with my mom, ( I never knew she could walk that far!). We ran around, we played tug, we, (ok, I) chewed sticks, and boy -oh – boy did we get hungry! It is so sad when I have to go hungry. I had to wait and wait for my food. It took a long time, maybe even more than minutes, like a lot of minutes all added up to equal several minutes!

So when you see a hungry dog give him a cookie, (like the old saying in the old movies……”brother can you spare a cookie”?)

Pretty soon I’ll be able to get my own food.

Life Lesson: MANGIA!


Sometimes what we feel like inside does not reflect what we look like outside.

I love sitting in my mommy’s lap. She usually sits on the floor and I would go to her and sit on her lap. She would then rub my belly or my ears, and gush about how lucky I am that I got my good looks from her.

In my mind’s eye, I am small, soft, cute and cuddly.  I guess in reality I am getting less and less so. She loves having me in her lap, she laughs and seems to be so happy when I do. Yet now my mom could not even last five minutes with me in her lap – something about my butt killing her legs. I wish I could be small, soft and cuddly all the time. But that is not meant to be.

At least I win in wrestling matches.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Embrace your size and make it work for you.

How To Make The Most of Taking Medicine

Some unpleasant things you have no choice but endure. You can however make it bearable.

I’ve been nursing my cough and my cold for the past 2 weeks. Finally my dad took me to the vet again, and it was decided that I should be on antibiotics. When I got sick when I was a baby, I had to have antibiotics too. My dad buried it in liverwurst, and I took it just fine.

This time around though, I could smell something was different. When my dad gave me the first pill with the liverwurst, I ate the liverwurst, then spit out the tablet. It was awful tasting and I was having none of it. He then tried American peanut butter. I ate the peanut butter then spit the tablet out again. I felt so good. I had liverwurst and peanut butter and I didn’t even swallowed the pill. My dad got wise though. He put the pill in Filipino peanut butter (sweeter and slimier than the American counterpart) and shoved the whole thing in the back of my throat.

It worked. But my dad didn’t want to give me Filipino peanut butter all the time. It is like crack for dogs – it is so sweet, it drives you nuts! I ran around our house like a crazy dog after one dose, and I couldn’t help myself, I had so much energy!

Somebody suggested that my dad try ice cream instead. My mom would get jealous if I had ice cream and she doesn’t. So my dad had to get ice cream that will not be bad for me, but that my mom would like also.

So now I take my pills GLADLY, with strawberry ice cream.

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Life Lesson: A spoonful of strawberry ice cream makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. – Mary Poppins, revised

HEY! Where Did All That White Stuff Go?

 I remeber that day! We had so much fun running and playing in the white stuff, the thing they kept calling “snow”. It was cold outside so we never got too hot. It was wet. It tasted good. It was fun. And then it was gone.

People were sleigh riding, but I didn’t care. They were far away and I had an entire field to myself to run around in.

 Maybe one day I can go sleigh riding or tobaganning. Maybe one day the snow will come back. Hey, I don’t have to shovel, I get to play!

Life Lesson: When the flowers are out stop and smell the flowers, but if they are not, it doesn’t mean to quit, Stop and play in the snow!

Gung Hoy Fat Choi

Happy New Years! – the Chinese New Year! the Year of the DRAGON!!!! oooh.


 If I were to be a dragon, this is the kind of dragon I’d want to be. Not a dragon like Barney. that soft puple fool, btw, is he still alive?

I want to be a big fearsome dragon. But also a benevolent and just dragon. A dragon that protects the good people, that protects the home, and that protects……my food supply!, (especially the better treats and stuff).

I want to be a good luck dragon, one that brings good health, love, prosperity, good luck, and happines.

I have some of the makings of a dragon. I have big ears, though they are sort of floppy. I have the big teeth. I can breath fire sometimes…ok, ok, it kinda’ comes out the other end, but it could be fire if someone lights a match.

So to everyone everywhere, May the year of the dragon be off to an auspicious start and may that follow through the entire year!

Life Lesson: No matter who you are, you can choose the path you take. It is your choice.


Sometimes when you are sick, there is just no making you happy.

I got my Bordetella and canine flu shots last week. Since then I have had an on and off ubo   (cough) and sipon (runny nose). My ubo is hacking, sometimes non-stop, and I feel like I have things in my throat that I need to clear. I also sneeze a lot.  There is a lot of drool coming out of my nose that mixes with with normal drool. I feel tired. And I also do not want to eat.

My dad was so worried he called the vet several times. And we are told to just watch and wait. Sometimes I would seem to be better, but the next day I will be sick again. I am getting tired of it.

It has been so bad that even with beef brisket, my dad couldn’t get me to come and eat.

This video doesn’t exist

He tried to entice me with how good the beef was. Did not work.

This video doesn’t exist

I still really did not feel like eating. I think I am driving my dad nuts. Now he has two questions to ask the psychic therapist! Finally he tried doing it with a spoon. I felt so loved that I finally ate.

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Life Lesson: Being sick is not fun, but it can be interesting.

Lean On Me, …uh, on YOU!

 This is my Mom and Dad, my real Mom and Dad. They loved leaning on people in order to get the people to pet them, rub their ears, and in general pay attention to them. It is kind of hard for a person to ignore 440 lbs. of dogs leaning on them.

Recently I have learned the “trick” of leaning on my human mom and dad and are training them to pay more ..better, attention to me.  Boy, does it ever work! I’m only about 135 lbs. and when I lean on either of them they almost fall all over themselves to hold on to me! Woohoo! Weight, ( pun ) untill I get to be a big dog, then I can really “exert” my influence!

In fact I come from a family of leaners. Just look at my album…

That is Mom and Aunt, …ooops I forgot her name. Maybe Dad or my uncle is in that picture too. It is hard to tell.

One day I hope to visit them again and we can all “lean out”

Life Lesson: We all need someone to lean on!    ( preferably they will be a well trained human who won’t fall over and will rub your ears).