In Pursuit of Ice

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Life Lesson: Playing with ice might not be as exciting, but it is safer than playing with fire.

All Pooped Out

Its hard to predict how your day will go… even if you have a good breakfast.

My mom made us hotdogsilog for breakfast. It was so good! And I was so happy because she didn’t leave me. She woke up, made breakfast then we went upstairs again to take a nap.

After waking up and eating again, my dad came home from work and took us to the park. I was so excited because we were all together hanging out. It was a cold day but the Hudson River was beautiful. We kept warm by running in between strolls. We were having such a good time – until my dad decided it would be fun to play catch in the basketball court.

I love playing catch, and I am very good at it. However, I couldn’t concentrate on my game because I was so spooked by the backboards. The sound the ball makes when it hits a backboard made it worse. Then I didn’t want to play anymore. My dad tried to coax me into smelling the pole underneath it. I couldn’t. My dad got frustrated and tied me to one. Then I was really scared. Even with the prong collar on, I tugged with all I’ve got, but I still couldn’t get free. I was such a mess that I just cried. And my dad set me free. But everybody was already out of sorts so we just went home.

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And now I am Tired.

Life Lesson: If you feel tired because everything seems to be going wrong, take comfort. At least you are not hungry.

Its Raining Treats!

I was able to go tot the park again today. Yeay!, two days in a row. It was a nice day, I got to run around some more, got more exercise, more fresh air, and more time doing something other than the everyday.  It is like a mini vacation. An adventure waiting to happen, a “get out of jail free card”.

While I was there my dad was trying to say something to me and I think he was trying to get me to do some stupid trick for a cookie. All I knew was that while he was holding the cookie bag and looking elsewhere all of the cookies were falling on the ground…and I was busy cleaning them up!

He finally caught on why I wasn’t paying attention to him like I usually do and then the rain of cookies ended,……………..sigh. It was fun while it lasted.

Life Lesson: When someones stupidity benefits you take them for all they’re worth.

A Hug from a Stranger

It is So nice to get an unexpected hug from a stranger.

My dad was waking me around the park today, which was in itself great. Actually it was my second venture out. Earlier in the day we went to the ball field so I could run around unecumbered by my my shackles, (leash). That was great, I get to run, and run, and run. Chase the ball, chase my dad, run all over….you get it. Then we walked all over the park too.

Later my dad took me to the other park. It was kinda’ deserted, he said everyone must be out at the mall or somewhere warm. We had almost the whole park to ourselves, it seemed kind of lonely and bleak. Then we came upon a mother and her two young sons. They were very friendly and nice. I got to sniff them and they got to pet me, seems like a fair trade.

After we said our goodbye’s and walked oh, maybe 100 feet one of the young boys came running after me. when he got to us he gave me a big sweet hug! It was so unexpected and so nice. It made my day and brought a big smile to my dads face. I hope I did the same for that child.

Slap me 4!

Life Lesson: A hug from a child is sunshine on a winters day.

Tall! And the Tale of Two Steaks

Growing happens, even if you are not aware of it.

I feel like it was just yesterday when I was just a little bit taller than the AC vent. Now I could probably grab things from the kitchen counter.

After I just had a steak dinner (2 cups of dog food, half of my mom’s steak and probably a quarter of my dad’s), my dad started cooking liver for me for future dinners. ( I will not gloat about who won, it is not about the winning! Besides, my dad thinks I’m getting too skinny.) It smelled so good. It was one big liver steak and he just left it on the kitchen counter so it would not be hot when he puts it away. I stared at it so longingly, my nose 3 inches from the liver steak, that my dad decided to give me another dinner. Two more cups of dog food and one whole liver steak! I AM LOVED! And well fed. So I still grow taller.

Life Lesson: You can probably grow even without outside help. But for Optimum Growth you need Nurturing, and lots of Good Food.

My Class (Feelslikea) Yearbook


Brynn is our class princess. However crazy and physical our class becomes, you can count on Brynn to keep her poise and keep out of trouble. Like a real princess, she also does not eat any old treat. She only gets the special kind that nobody else even gets to smell.


Duffy is the class clown. He is the youngest in the class but he is not afraid of anything. He is always getting into trouble. He is always trying to hump and dominate whoever is near, even if they are bigger than him. He is not afraid to use his baby teeth too. He is funny because no matter how fierce he thinks he is, he doesn’t really do any real damage.


Meatball is the class Cowardly Lion. He could probably fit the rest of the class in his mouth but he acts like he is the smallest of all. He does not even fight back when Duffy is trying to bite off his nose, or when Roxie tries to hump him. He likes both Roxie and Brynn.


If Brynn is our class princess, then Roxie is our Lara Croft. She is pretty yet she is also fast, sleek and deadly. She can probably dominate our whole class if she wants to. She is probably more formidable at night. She is so black all over, if not for her eyes, you would not see her.

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It feels good to finish what you started.

After six weeks of playing, getting treats, playing again, getting treats again, with occasional walking around the school, I finally graduated. There were tests I had to take but I do not think I did very well because I couldn’t really concentrate on them because I was so distracted with the other puppies, other humans, and the smell of really good food. It was a good thing I was the teachers pet because I passed anyway, and I have a diploma to show for it.

You are probably wondering what practical thing that I could use in real life did I learn from going to this class. I think I could safely say that I have mastered the art of getting humans to give me treats, or hugs and even kisses. I dare you to come to my house and try to resist my charms.

I’m a little sad though because I do not know when I will see my classmates again. I really had fun.

Life Lesson: Finishing means you get to start something else.


Kissing is simple, easy, does not cost anything, but it can mean SO much.

I know a lot of people would think it gross, but my mom and my dad kiss a lot. But I cannot watch them kiss. I have to go and join them. Kissing Threesome!

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Life Lesson: A kiss a day also keeps the doctor away.

I’m Not Quite dead Yet.

 I think my friend The Bear is a fan of Monty Python. He says he’s getting better…..I don’t think so.

 We had a bit of a scrum him and I. Unfortunately, though we are friends he has suffered a “mild” neck wound. This picture looks worse than it is, but he is starting to bleed out his innards. ….Ooooopps.

I know there is a pool on when exacly my good friend will meet his demise. I can not tell for sure, he does have a lot of staying power and I do get tired of him often. ….But, it is also like a shark attack, once there is blood in the water even the “friendly” sharks can’t resist the taste of fresh blood.

Due to the nature of the wound, I believe I can blame Dracula, I mean it looks like a hungry vampire….doesn’t it?    uh,  maybe Dogula?

Life Lesson: BE CAREFULL!

Torture by Pizza

Some things are just unattainable.

The battle of wills continues, and I am not winning… by much. Some days are really hard. My dad prepares breakfast, and I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I would go to my dish, smell it, and go somewhere else to lie down. When I get really hungry, I go back to my dish again, look, smell then lie down. One day it was already 3pm before I ate breakfast! I was so hungry I had to eat, or I die!

Other days my mom would sneak in some Kornik bits or some Chippy bits to my food, so I will eat it. Because my ribs are beginning to show my dad bought new food for me to try. It was still dog food though, so it was a fail. Sometimes he would give in too and give me human food with my dog food.

Tonight was expecially hard. They ate pizza with sausage and meatballs and mushrooms RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Then my dad made me move away and sit when I started to beg and my easy mom started to feed me her food. My dad’s idea of mercy was letting me have the box.

Meatball and the Pizza Box

Life Lesson: You can always dream.