I hope this Christmas thing is worth the hype, because it sure is a lot of trouble.

My mom is sulking because my dad made her wash a frying pan that she used two days ago. In her mind, the pan is still clean and doesn’t need to be washed yet. My dad INSISTED that she clean it anyway, so my mom had a mini-meltdown.

We are hosting a Christmas dinner so my dad is in a cleaning and cooking frenzy – lots of crashing, clanging and cursing. You can’t even look at him, because if you do, you’ll get yelled at. He got to taste what he was cooking, but he forgot that my mom and me were hungry too. When my mom tried to make herself something to eat, my dad yelled at her = full-blown MELTDOWN!

But that’s not the worst of it. My dad made me get a BATH! I was crying so hard my eyes got really red, but I got the full treatment anyway – including perfuming and blow-drying of my fur. I guess I should be thankful I only got my nails clipped and not manicured.

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Life Lesson: No Pain No Gain



3 thoughts on “ALL WET!!!

  1. Oh, what propaganda! No melt down, that is SO completely overblown! It is just that when I am making two seafood vegetable lasagnas for Christmas and have given everyone fair notice that during this I would need to have unencumbered full access to the kitchen. I can’t have some rank amateur “cook” making other stuff and getting in my way.
    …and as for the pot, it was two days and also I had to do the stove, oiy! ………not to complain or anything.

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