All Pooped Out

Its hard to predict how your day will go… even if you have a good breakfast.

My mom made us hotdogsilog for breakfast. It was so good! And I was so happy because she didn’t leave me. She woke up, made breakfast then we went upstairs again to take a nap.

After waking up and eating again, my dad came home from work and took us to the park. I was so excited because we were all together hanging out. It was a cold day but the Hudson River was beautiful. We kept warm by running in between strolls. We were having such a good time – until my dad decided it would be fun to play catch in the basketball court.

I love playing catch, and I am very good at it. However, I couldn’t concentrate on my game because I was so spooked by the backboards. The sound the ball makes when it hits a backboard made it worse. Then I didn’t want to play anymore. My dad tried to coax me into smelling the pole underneath it. I couldn’t. My dad got frustrated and tied me to one. Then I was really scared. Even with the prong collar on, I tugged with all I’ve got, but I still couldn’t get free. I was such a mess that I just cried. And my dad set me free. But everybody was already out of sorts so we just went home.

This video doesn’t exist

And now I am Tired.

Life Lesson: If you feel tired because everything seems to be going wrong, take comfort. At least you are not hungry.

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