A Hug from a Stranger

It is So nice to get an unexpected hug from a stranger.

My dad was waking me around the park today, which was in itself great. Actually it was my second venture out. Earlier in the day we went to the ball field so I could run around unecumbered by my my shackles, (leash). That was great, I get to run, and run, and run. Chase the ball, chase my dad, run all over….you get it. Then we walked all over the park too.

Later my dad took me to the other park. It was kinda’ deserted, he said everyone must be out at the mall or somewhere warm. We had almost the whole park to ourselves, it seemed kind of lonely and bleak. Then we came upon a mother and her two young sons. They were very friendly and nice. I got to sniff them and they got to pet me, seems like a fair trade.

After we said our goodbye’s and walked oh, maybe 100 feet one of the young boys came running after me. when he got to us he gave me a big sweet hug! It was so unexpected and so nice. It made my day and brought a big smile to my dads face. I hope I did the same for that child.

Slap me 4!

Life Lesson: A hug from a child is sunshine on a winters day.

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