Tall! And the Tale of Two Steaks

Growing happens, even if you are not aware of it.

I feel like it was just yesterday when I was just a little bit taller than the AC vent. Now I could probably grab things from the kitchen counter.

After I just had a steak dinner (2 cups of dog food, half of my mom’s steak and probably a quarter of my dad’s), my dad started cooking liver for me for future dinners. ( I will not gloat about who won, it is not about the winning! Besides, my dad thinks I’m getting too skinny.) It smelled so good. It was one big liver steak and he just left it on the kitchen counter so it would not be hot when he puts it away. I stared at it so longingly, my nose 3 inches from the liver steak, that my dad decided to give me another dinner. Two more cups of dog food and one whole liver steak! I AM LOVED! And well fed. So I still grow taller.

Life Lesson: You can probably grow even without outside help. But for Optimum Growth you need Nurturing, and lots of Good Food.

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