My Class (Feelslikea) Yearbook


Brynn is our class princess. However crazy and physical our class becomes, you can count on Brynn to keep her poise and keep out of trouble. Like a real princess, she also does not eat any old treat. She only gets the special kind that nobody else even gets to smell.


Duffy is the class clown. He is the youngest in the class but he is not afraid of anything. He is always getting into trouble. He is always trying to hump and dominate whoever is near, even if they are bigger than him. He is not afraid to use his baby teeth too. He is funny because no matter how fierce he thinks he is, he doesn’t really do any real damage.


Meatball is the class Cowardly Lion. He could probably fit the rest of the class in his mouth but he acts like he is the smallest of all. He does not even fight back when Duffy is trying to bite off his nose, or when Roxie tries to hump him. He likes both Roxie and Brynn.


If Brynn is our class princess, then Roxie is our Lara Croft. She is pretty yet she is also fast, sleek and deadly. She can probably dominate our whole class if she wants to. She is probably more formidable at night. She is so black all over, if not for her eyes, you would not see her.

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1 thought on “My Class (Feelslikea) Yearbook

  1. eatball is more like the class Jungle gym as he lets Roxie and Duff jump all ove rhim and he plays back, like amoving target. Brynn wants to say “Hi” to Meatball but when she gets close and Meatball goes to smell her, Brynn backs off.

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