It feels good to finish what you started.

After six weeks of playing, getting treats, playing again, getting treats again, with occasional walking around the school, I finally graduated. There were tests I had to take but I do not think I did very well because I couldn’t really concentrate on them because I was so distracted with the other puppies, other humans, and the smell of really good food. It was a good thing I was the teachers pet because I passed anyway, and I have a diploma to show for it.

You are probably wondering what practical thing that I could use in real life did I learn from going to this class. I think I could safely say that I have mastered the art of getting humans to give me treats, or hugs and even kisses. I dare you to come to my house and try to resist my charms.

I’m a little sad though because I do not know when I will see my classmates again. I really had fun.

Life Lesson: Finishing means you get to start something else.

1 thought on “Graduation

  1. I also think you should mention that you became much more confident in going places, and discovering new things. Being with friends helped you get past your fears and made learning fun.

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